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GT-UVA Superlatives Results

In a contest more heated and controversial than the Senate and House elections this past week, we bring you the results you've been waiting for ALL WEEK. Or since Tuesday.

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Surprise, surprise - another mixed bag of shocking and not-so-shocking results from this week's Superlatives. We set another record this week, with 75 total voters (the most EVER!). Good job everyone! I appreciate you all taking the time to vote. Hopefully we can hit 100 by the end of the year! I imagine readership will be at an all-time high once we roll the dwags in Athens at the end of the month, so 100 votes is by no means unattainable.

Let's get on with the results! But before I do, to the person who wrote me, Grant Heffley, in as a candidate for both of the Player of the Game categories AND the Plays of the Game as well: You're too kind. And while I definitely contributed on offense, I didn't think my performance in the secondary was anything to write home about, so I decided to not include those nominations in the polls. Rather, I will accept your compliments and will mention you when I inevitably win ACC Player of the Year, whenever that may be.

Player of the Game - Offense


No surprises here as Synjyn wins in a landside with a whopping 60 votes. The senior B-back had arguably his best game as a Jacket, and also one of the best performances at the B-back position in a few seasons. I guess this paints the perfect picture of football at Georgia Tech - the 100+ yard receiving game by DeAndre Smelter came in third! Guess we truly ARE all about the ground game even though we always want Paul to pass more. Ha! I kid, Dre. We appreciate you very much.

Offensive Play of the Game


Wow! Such an even distribution of votes! We even had a great write-in - Smelter's 65-yard reception, which can be seen here, truly was an amazing effort. It was a great pass by Justin and an even better job by Smelter getting a huge chunk of yards after the catch. That's the classic Justin-Smelter connection we've come to know and love. I didn't include it in the initial poll because Smelter would have been on the ballot in three of the top plays (part of Deon Hill's TD run was a crushing block by Smelter), but it's definitely a great write-in and I think it would have received a significant number of votes. Regardless, the impressive TD catch on the fade route by Darren Waller won this week by ONE VOTE, just barely edging out Deon's TD run. Overall, it was a great day for big plays on offense.

Player of the Game (Defense)


Another landslide - this time it goes to KeShun Freeman! The true freshman DE is developing almost better than we had all hoped and dreamed. The future is bright for this young player, but arguably even brighter for our defense as a whole. Several of the perennial Player of the Game contenders will be around for at least one more season - Paul Davis, Pat Gamble, DJ White, and Freeman, to name a few. It will be exciting to see how this unit progresses in the coming games and seasons.

Defensive Play of the Game


Jamal Golden made another key, game-changing interception in the South endzone, easily earning him the victory here. Golden is one of those players who always seems to rise to the occasion. Whether he's returning kicks or playing in the secondary, he's usually making plays. Maybe we should also have a Special Teams category for voting.


Player of the Game (Offense) - Synjyn Days

Offensive Play of the Game - Darren Waller's 11-yard TD reception on the fade

Player of the Game (Defense) - KeShun Freeman

Defensive Play of the Game - Jamal Golden's INT in the endzone