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From the Rumble Seat's Weekend Selections, Week 11

Everyone take your seats and get ready...because this week, for the first time in recent's the ON TIME EDITION!!!

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See, I knew I could do it! After weeks of delays and random publishing times and all that, I finally got this up in time to not be rushed and panicked, with full analysis and everything. And judging by my performances, it's a good thing that I have something to celebrate.

Week 10 Results

Username Total Score Username Total Score
Smathis93 18 ITPatlien 13
packerman 15 JackAdamParker 13
bo_w 15 trombones(rule) 13
JohnHeisman 15 greg_t 13
gtg825x 14 Caplax 13
yellowman 14 jabbajacket 13
JStew_GT 14 kenneth bonner 13
cvanatta1827 14 gdheffley 12
Buddy Smiggins 14 DressHerInWhiteAndGold 12
south of the border 14 ClavinCliff 12
Atlanta's Original Team 13 pulindian 12
thebugman10 13 If Do Right, No Can Defense 12
edac46 13 Average 11.58

Holy crap, Smathis93! Out of a possible 22 points, you nailed it this week for 18 of them. For those keeping score back home, Smathis93 picked 10 of 11 winners correctly, and picked correctly against the spread in 8 of 11 games. The only one he didn't get right? He picked Penn State to cover 2.5 against Maryland. Other than that game, he was spot-on with winners, and 80% against the spread. Those are insane numbers.

Users packerman, bo_w, and JohnHeisman came through with strong 15-point showings this week. Atlanta's original team and Cade led the staff with 13 points apiece this week. LVP this week was eekanerd, with only 7 points, including no correct spread picks. Hope you weren't tempted by Vegas this weekend, eekanerd!

As seen in the table above, the average this week was 11.58. I came in sub-par, with just 11 points. On staff, Grant finished with 12 while Tyler Duke and MagnaCarterGT tied me with 11 of their own. Ben Tankersley was the staff LVP, with only 9 points.

Season Leaderboard

Username Weeks Played Total Score Username Weeks Played Total Score
ClavinCliff 10 126 DressHerInWhiteAndGold 9 116
kenneth bonner 10 126 edac46 10 116
ITPatlien 10 125 rarmijo3 10 114
CaliGT 10 124 Ben.Tankersley 10 113
Atlanta's Original Team 9 122 PeterInVA 10 113
Buddy Smiggins 10 122 MagnaCarterGT 10 112
packerman 10 122 Gdheffley 9 112
Caplax 10 121 Stockbridge Mafia 9 110
south of the border 10 121 Tyler Duke 10 109
eekanerd 10 120 Youngjacket 9 107
nygooch 10 120 JohnHeisman 9 106
jabbajacket 10 120 ForeverGold18 9 105
Joey Weaver 10 119 Studastill 9 104
dhbartlett 10 118 Fear the Bees 9 103
GTJonny 10 117 LxUn1c0 8 102
thebugman10 9 117 Yeller Bug 9 102
pulindian 10 116

The leaderboard above accounts for everyone with at least 100 points on the season. The first thing you should notice is that we have NEW CO-LEADERS! Previous leader CaliGT had a rough week with only 9 points, while ClavinCliff and kenneth bonner took advantage to take the lead back. ITPatlien also jumped CaliGT, but the whole top cluster remains very close. 12 players are within 6 points of the lead -- a margin easily conquered in only a week or two. An exciting finish is due up!

Atlanta's original team continues to dominate the rest of the staff, even with the added-in style points of missing a week. I remain in second (3 points down from AOT) with Cade in third.

See the full results from Week 10 and the full Season Leaderboard here: link.

Week 11 Selections

Below is the form for your Week 11 selections. Given that this was submitted well ahead of time, all selections will be due by kickoff of the Clemson-Wake Forest game, which is Thursday at 7:30pm EST. Get to picking!