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Georgia Tech ranked 24th in new College Football Playoff rankings

The Yellow Jackets have made their way on the College Football Playoff rankings for the first time in its brief existence.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Let's go crazy! The second of seven college football playoff rankings installments was released on Tuesday night and our Yellow Jackets were ranked 24th.

View the full rankings here.

Georgia Tech wasn't ranked in the inagural rankings that were released last week, but they made their way into the picture with a convincing win against Virginia. The CFP rankings don't release teams receiving votes outside of the rankings, so it's hard to determine where the Jackets were ranked last week. Eastern Carolina and Lousville dropped out after losses last week, and Tech and Wisconsin took their spots at 24 and 25. With Tech being 24th, it's likely they were 26th going into this weekend.

It's exciting to be ranked again, but hopefully they don't respond like they did last time they were ranked against Duke a few weeks ago. Being ranked at this point brings up a very unlikely but fun scenario to think about. If the Jackets were to win out and somehow make it to the conference championship game and beat Florida State, would they be deserving of a playoff spot? Quality wins against Clemson, UGA, and Florida State would be extremely impressive and almost unrivaled in the nation. Again, it's highly unlikely, but it's pretty interesting to think about.

#24 Georgia Tech will head to NC State on Saturday to try to keep their divisional championship hopes alive.