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Technical Tidbits 11/4

In which uga leads the nation in arrests.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If this season so far is any indication, DeAndre Smelter will be an absolute steal for one very lucky NFL team in the upcoming draft. He has that fantastic combination of speed and physicality which is coveted by NFL teams, and when you combine that with his great hands you get a formula for success. It really feels like half of the touchdowns he has on the season involved at least a couple of broken tackles on his way to the end zone. Oh man, would I like to see him lined up beside Roddy White and Julio Jones next season...

This week's composite top 25, a compilation of the most highly regarded college football polls, features your Yellow Jackets at No. 19 in the F/+ poll. I'm not sure what to think of the F/+ this week considering they have Miami at No. 12, but I will take a ranking for Tech any day. The dwags remain in the top 20 despite their blowout loss to the constantly imploding Florida Gators and their defective coaching staff.

There is officially nowhere for dwag fans to hide. We now have PROOF that no school in the entire nation has had more players arrested than uga, which stands at a whopping 13 so far in 2014. The SEC leads all conferences with 77 arrests while the ACC and Pac-12 are tied for last with just 16 each. The top five schools in terms of arrests all come from the SEC and the first ACC team on the list Florida State, which comes in at 20th, one place above Georgia Southern. Is this a situation where I can use #goacc with minimal sarcasm? No?

Were you present at Georgia Tech's blowout win over Virginia on Saturday? Do you want to see yourself looking nice and photogenic at some random point during the game via the viewpoint of some random guy with a camera? If you answered yes to both of these questions, please take a look at this high quality panorama of the crowd from Saturday. If you look in 136, you will see a person with his hood completely covering his face. I was trying to figure out who this was the whole game (I know it was a basketball player), and I think it was MGH. If it was, good for him for being the only player to stay the whole game. I found myself under the scoreboard looking very confused and sad as I stared at some unknown object in the sky while simultaneously trying not to freeze to death. If you manage to find anyone who was caught at the exact wrong moment, please share in the comments. After all, who doesn't like unfortunately timed photos?

What will have to happen for Georgia Tech to make it back into the AP top 25?

Have a great day!