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From the Rumble Seat's Over/Unders - Clean, Old Fashioned Hate 2014

The regular season comes to a close for our over/unders, and it involves some people limping towards the finish line after a strange Clemson game...

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Clemson Results

Username Total Score Username Total Score
JackAdamParker 6 MarineJacket 4
AugustaJacket 5 Tyler Duke 4
DressHerInWhiteAndGold 5 jgtengineer 4
Kenneth Bonner 5 Buddy Smiggins 4
eekanerd 5 repingtinraleigh 4
Atlanta's Original Team 5 If Do Right, No Can Defense 4
droidsarefun 4 fuzzybee86 4

Yes, you're seeing this right. 46 people made picks for the Clemson game, and only 14 got more than half of them right. (It was a bit of an odd game, admittedly.) JackAdamParker is your MVP of the week, the only one to get all 6 correct -- amazing considering the car crash that was the rest of the scores. The average score this week was 3.15 correct picks, lowest since the UNC game, and third-lowest all year, believe it or not. LVPs of the week were MagnaCarterGT, smathis93, and CraigT, all of whom only got 1 point, and all of whom picked Clemson to win the game. I find their lack of faith disturbing.

Staff MVP of the week was AOT, with a solid 5 correct picks, and Tyler Duke followed that with 4 correct of his own. There were only two correct picks to be had by your fearless leader, who continues to attempt being clever with setting lines and then out-clevers himself.

Season Leaderboard

Username Weeks Participated Total Score Username Weeks Participated Total Score
ClavinCliff 11 47 gdheffley 11 38
Tyler Duke 11 47 sporeman 10 38
JStew_GT 11 46 Ben.Tankersley 11 38
Yeller Bug 11 46 zetaman 9 37
Atlanta's Original Team 11 46 JacksonJacket 9 36
dhbartlett 11 45 MagnaCarterGT 11 36
gtee03 11 45 Buzzgtg776g 11 36
PeterInVA 11 44 ITPatlien 10 35
JackAdamParker 11 44 Joey Weaver 11 35
TechTiger52 11 43 eekanerd 10 35
JoshJGT 10 42 DressHerInWhiteAndGold 11 35
Buddy Smiggins 11 42 Fear the Bees 8 34
Caplax 11 41 packerman 10 34
repingtinraleigh 11 39 kenneth bonner 9 34
jerrlee 9 38

As is tradition this late in the season -- you have a new co-leader! Tyler Duke's strong week moves him into a tie for first with the still-hanging-on ClavinCliff, who's been in the lead for quite some time now. Luckily, we'll probably be doing Over/Unders for the ACC Championship Game and Georgia Tech's Bowl game, so there's time for some movement. Following that up in hot pursuit are Atlanta's original team and four other users that are all within two correct picks. (Just remember, ClavinCliff -- at this point in the season, there's no rest for the weary.)

I'm currently in sixth on the staff, behind Tyler, AOT, Grant, Ben, and MagnaCarterGT. The problem with that is that those other five are the only ones on staff who have played every week, and to that point I'm really making a fool of myself over here. Oh well.

See the full Clemson results and the full season leaderboard by clicking here: link.

This Week's Picks

This week's picks are below! Selections due by kickoff of Saturday's game. Any questions should be left in the comments. GO JACKETS! TO HELL WITH georgia!!!