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HATE WEEK: Top 10 Greatest COFH Games #1

HATE WEEK is coming to a close, and so is our countdown.

The greatest coach in Tech history: Bobby Dodd
The greatest coach in Tech history: Bobby Dodd

Before we get to the final spot in our countdown, go ahead and take a look at the last nine spots.

10. The original game: 1893

9. Mr. Everything, Billy Lothridge: 1962

8. World War II: 1943-44

7. The Same Year as Cumberland: 1916

6. That Special Season: 1990

5. Upset Special: 1950

4. The End of a Streak: 1984

3. The Beginning of the CPJ Era and the End of Another Streak (that really rolls off the tongue doesn't it): 2008

2. Lil Joe: 1999

And now, without further ado, let's find out what #1 is.

-Drum roll-

#1 on this list actually encompasses more than just one game. It encompasses quite a few games actually, including one that has already been mentioned. #1 on this list is The Drought.

So because The Drought takes up eight games, I'm not going to talk about it like I talked about all the other ones. I'm just going to talk a little about each game, starting with 1949.


About a week before this game the Atlanta Constitution reported that Coach Bobby Dodd and his staff likely would not return for the following season. The reason being for financial reasons. He was reported to have offers for twice his salary or more.

The Constitution later reported that Tech would make a "concentrated effort ... to keep [Dodd], although there is little chance of Tech meeting the terms of the offer which will come in about two weeks."

The following Wednesday, everyone everywhere saw this headline: "DODD TO STAY AT TECH."

Crisis averted. Tech celebrated by winning a 7-6 struggle over the dwags thanks to a QB sneak from Jimmy Southard.


I've talked enough about this game, so go check it out here.


George Maloof dominated this game for the Yellow Jackets, becoming the first player in this series to score four touchdowns in a game, a record which still stands (though not exclusively) today.

This game wasn't close for a second. After one quarter, Tech led 20-0. Halftime, 34-0.

The final was 48-6 and that was three in a row for the Almighty Yellow Jackets.


Enter Pepper Rodgers.

Rodgers led the Yellow Jackets back from a 3-7 halftime deficit to beat the dwags 23-9.

After getting the ball back at the one-yard line, Dodd ordered Pepper Rodgers to take a knee in the endzone, rather than risk a punt from deep in his own endzone.

The calculated risk worked and Tech's defense held.


Going into this game, Tech was an 18-point favorite and was headed into Pepper Rodgers' final game as a player at Grant Field.

He engineered (pun intended) all four touchdowns for Tech, score one for himself, kicked four PATs, completed eight passes for 102 yards, and ran the ball four times for 19.

It was a good day for him. Tech won by a final score of 28-12.


Tech probably shouldn't have one this game. By the end of the first half, the dwags were up 3-0, held the advantage in first downs (8-0) and total yards (146-18).

But they did. It was a filthy, muddy mess of a game, and Coach Dodd just waited for the right moment to strike. And then it came.

In the second half, uga's quarterback Jimmy Harper fumbled, and Franklin Brooks picked it up for Tech at the 19. On the following play, Tech threw a touchdown to Henry Hair.

The Jackets won 7-3 and had six straight against the dwags.


Tech would extend that streak to seven after a 21-3 victory over the dwags in 1955.

One of the best parts about that game was a banner which read: "IN DODD WE TRUST TO BEAT GEORGIA'S BUTTS."

Wally Butts was uga's coach at the time, so clearly the dwag  fans were livid. But there wasn't anything they could do about it.


The dwags were powerless in the 1956 game, losing by a final score of 35-0.

Tech broke out in the second half, after leading only 7-0 at the intermission. This victory was also number 100 in Bobby Dodd's career, definitely a memorable one.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and the next year, The Drought did. The dwags beat Tech the next year by a final score of 7-0 and The Drought was over.

Any snubs on this list? Thoughts on the top 10 as a whole?