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HATE WEEK: Top 10 Greatest COFH Games #2

Today, we look at the highest-scoring COFH game.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images


Georgia Tech opened up the 1999 season with a win over Navy before taking a loss to No. 1 Florida State. Tech rebounded five-game winning streak before losing again as the No. 7 team in the country.

For Tech's next game, they traveled to Charlottesville to take on the Cavaliers. Tech tripped up and lost the game 38-45. They went 1-1 in their next two games with a total margin of six points between the teams, with Tech beating Clemson 45-42 and losing to Wake Forest 23-26 in Winston-Salem.

Meanwhile in Athens, uga jumped out to a four-game winning streak, reaching No. 9 going into the Tennessee game in Knoxville. The Jamal Lewis-led Volunteers promptly ran right over them, winning 37-20.

The dwags followed up that performance going 3-2 in their next five games, with big losses to No. 5 Florida (14-30) and Auburn (21-38). Following a 20-17 victory over No. 16 Ole Miss, the dwags headed to Bobby Dodd to take on the Yellow Jackets.

The Game

Because recapping the game really wouldn't do it justice, I'm just going to embed the game via YouTube below this.

The Aftermath

Joe Hamilton dominated the game for the Yellow Jackets. He finished the game with 341 passing yards and four touchdowns while also rushing for another 94 yards in his final pitch for the Heisman.

There's a lot of controversy surrounding one of the final plays of the game.  uga's Jasper Sanks fumbled the ball at the 2-yard line with nine seconds left in regulation. Tech recovered to preserve the 48-48 tie.

Al Ford, the chief of the crew refereeing the game, defended the call saying in an interview with ESPN, "I had two guys who saw the ball come loose. Neither of them saw the runner down and both said forward progress had not stopped. A Georgia Tech player recovered the ball, so possession went to Georgia Tech."

Any predictions for #1?