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Technical Tidbits 11/28

In which we go on an Atlanta area turkey hunt.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech likely traded an appearance in the Orange Bowl for a lesser berth when they won the ACC Coastal outright, but that doesn't mean that the late-goings of this season are going to be a disappointment by any means. The Jackets would likely have to beat either that rival from Athens or Florida State in order to guarantee an Orange Bowl appearance (a daunting task to say the least), but a trip to Miami is nowhere close to out of the question. I especially like Phil Steele's projection which sends us to face Mississippi State just because if Tech could manage to win out, that would mean that the Jackets would have defeated 30% of the top 10 in consecutive weeks. I feel confident that such an occurrence would also guarantee Paul Johnson god status and another century on the Flats.

The recruiting work that Paul Johnson and company have done over with the football team may not be up to your expectations, but there is no way you can be down on Danny Hall for what he's done with the baseball squad -- the Jackets are slated to bring in the #11 recruiting class in the nation for 2015. This is crazy good news for the Jackets, who are already a very young squad, and hopefully carries with it the promise of a ton of future success. The class will be headlined by guys like Brandt Stallings, who happens to be the #1 first-baseman in all of Georgia, and Tristin English, the #3 RHP in the state. Congratulations to Danny Hall and the staff on another job well done.

Justin Thomas has led what can be considered a resurgence in the Georgia Tech football program during this 2014 season. His fantastic quarterback play is the single biggest factor in why the Jackets have had as much success as they have so far in the season, and the redshirt sophomore may not be done yet -- he still has two favorable matchups against FSU and uga to look forwards to. I call these matchups favorable simply because both programs have struggled to defend the run and Justin Thomas will will easily be the most mobile quarterback either opponent has faced all season.

The odds are good that you had some seriously large amounts of turkey last night. The United States consumes millions of these delicious birds every year, but did you know that the majority of them are actually players and coaches for various Atlanta sports teams? I guess you are either a turkey or a pilgrim in this world, and every single person on that list is the embodiment of gobbling poultry.

What other notable turkeys can you think of in the Atlanta area?

Have a great weekend!