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Postgame Update: Orlando Classic '14 - Jackets vs Marquette Eagles

The Jackets will open their annual tournament in Orlando on ESPN2 at 8:30 PM EST.

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Halftime thoughts:

- Tech struggled early against the 2-3 zone early. Partly because they struggled to shoot from the outside.

- Speaking of, Tech went 0-8 from 3 PT land until Stephens and Bolden hit back-to-back threes late in the half.]

- The big boys are crushing it on the inside. As mentioned earlier winning the rebound battle 21-11 with 2 monster blocks.

- The Jackets are staying out of foul trouble. For as much as they play inside, they only have four fouls, which come mainly on the outside. They've been really focusing on altering shots and making every look hard for Marquette all night.

- Even struggling from three, they still have managed to shoot 46% from the floor. They have been really good from 15 feet and in.

- FT % is still terrible. This has got to change and I don't know how that happens. This is not new. Unfortunately.


UPDATE: The game is starting approximately 30 minutes late due to the late ending of the MSU-Rider game. Start time is looking at 2100 EST.


The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (3-0) will be tipping off against the Marquette Golden Eagles (2-2) on Thanksgiving Day. Tech, who opened as 3 point underdogs, go into game as 3 point favorites per

A few things to look for:

- Georgia Tech has a huge rebound advantage, to a tune of 43-27 RPG so far. Look for the bits to get a lot of space inside to work.

- The Big East is 40-4 combined going into this game, which is crazy to think about when none of them have played each other. Comparatively, the ACC is 60-17. Not quite sure how much weight it holds without looking at SOS and rankings but it was interesting to note.

-- Side note: Butler did beat #5 UNC last night, so they are playing some decent teams.

- Josh Heath has played way beyond my expectations as one of the major transfers, posting a 18.0 A/TO per game ratio. This has a lot to do with Demarco Cox and Charles Mitchell setting up inside, but he has done a phenomenal job finding them.

Stay tuned here as I will be posting updates and thoughts.

I will be live tweeting as well, @lfort3.