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From the Rumble Seat's Weekend Selections, Week 14

With the regular season drawing to a close, there's one last chance for glory.

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Week 13 Results

Username Total Score Username Total Score
edac46 16 jabbajacket 15
Ben.Tankersley 16 jerrlee 15
SperryGodBrother 16 If Do Right, No Can Defense 14
RangerWard_THWG 16 thebugman10 14
GTJonny 16 gdheffley 14
Zman1990HOF#14 16 uva first year 14
kenneth bonner 16 rarmijo3 14
Joey Weaver 15 fuzzybee86 14
Youngjacket 15 EvDiggity 14
Yeller Bug 15 ForeverGold18 14
CPJapologist 15 Caplax 14
badcock! 15 biggtfan 14
JackAdamParker 15 Average 13.105

Week 13 was quite the strong one with an average of 13.1 points per user (our highest of the season) and not a single user going under 10 points! (Impressive considering some of the apocalyptic games that happened throughout the weekend in football.) We had a bunch of co-leaders, including Cade, Ben Tankersley, SperryGodBrother, RangerWard_THWG, GTJonny, Zman1990HOF#14 (that rolls off the tongue), and kenneth bonner. You know, a tie is kinda like kissing your sister, but when you got 80% of the available points, it's still pretty good. There were another 8 people (myself included) who scored 15, and 10 users after that who scored 14 -- good stuff! There were a combined 7 LVPs this week, but we won't get into that for two reasons: a) they still scored an honorable 10 points, and b) that's not really in the Christmas Thanksgiving spirit.

Season Leaderboard

Username Weeks Played Total Score Username Weeks Played Total Score
CaliGT 13 165 pulindian 13 153
kenneth bonner 13 165 dhbartlett 13 152
ITPatlien 13 163 Ben.Tankersley 13 150
Buddy Smiggins 13 162 DressHerInWhiteAndGold 12 149
packerman 13 161 Stockbridge Mafia 12 148
ClavinCliff 13 160 nygooch 12 147
Caplax 13 159 Gdheffley 12 146
thebugman10 12 159 GTJonny 12 144
Joey Weaver 13 159 fuzzybee86 11 143
south of the border 13 158 PeterInVA 13 142
rarmijo3 13 158 Tyler Duke 13 142
eekanerd 13 156 Fear the Bees 12 141
jabbajacket 13 156 Yeller Bug 12 141
edac46 13 155 Youngjacket 12 140
Atlanta's Original Team 12 154 JackAdamParker 11 134

What do you know? We have another tie! Yes, with one week remaining, we have a tie for first between CaliGT and kenneth bonner after a bit of a (relatively) rough week from CaliGT and a strong performance from kenneth bonner. It's a perfect setup for one last week of selections. However, right behind them is the known-dangerous ITPatlien, only 2 points back and in position to sneak past them both for the win. Who's going to get it done??

I extended my lead amongst the staff to 4, with Cade pulling ahead of Atlanta's original team for sole possession of second place! AOT is still whipping us both in points per week though, and at his pace would be in the lead if not for his missing week! (The same could be said for thebugman10, who's only 6 points out of first place on one fewer week.)

See the full results from Week 13 and the complete season leaderboard by clicking here: link.

This Week's Picks

(Click Here for Appropriate Background Music)

This is it -- the time has come. One last chance for glory, or to look like a total fool with ridiculous "Hail Mary"-style picks. Do you play it safe? Or do you go for the gold?

This week's picks feature the very best of the ACC in rivalry week. Get to picking!

All selections due by kickoff of Friday's Virginia-Virginia Tech game.