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Technical Tidbits 11/26

In which we look to welcome back Jabari Hunt-Days.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The week 14 College Football Playoff Committee Poll came out yesterday with Georgia Tech jumping two spots up to No. 16 following their bye week. The Jackets continued their great rise in the polls while simultaneously distancing themselves a tiny bit more from Louisville and Clemson, both of which are in the hunt for an Orange Bowl bid. The spots which the Jackets moved into belonged to USC and Utah last week, but both Pac-12 squads suffered devastation blows to their New Year's Day bowl bids and dropped in the polls.

ESPN's Rivalry Rundown for uga and Georgia Tech does a great job of pointing out some of the biggest keys to the game for the Jackets, who will look to upset the top 10 dwags this week in Athens. Florida showed the nation just how vulnerable uga's run defense was when they hung 38 on them despite just three pass completions in the entire game, and Tech will look to do the same of Saturday in what should be a COFH for the record books.

Paul Johnson's weekly press conference was held yesterday and mainly highlighted what exactly his thoughts were on the upcoming rivalry game against uga. CPJ had some good things to say, but most of his comments were pretty general in terms of what Tech was doing to prepare, etc. He did, however, provide some good insight into Broderick Snoddy's recovery from that nasty leg injury, which seems to be well ahead of schedule.

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In a somewhat surprising revelation, Georgia Tech defensive lineman Jabari Hunt-Days could be eligible to play for the Jackets in their bowl game this season. When it was announced that Hunt-Days would be academically ineligible for the 2014 season, I don't think that anyone really explored the possibility that he could return at some point before season's end, but that is apparently a very real possibility if his grades have improved enough by the time this semester ends. Getting Hunt-Days back would be a huge boost for Tech's defensive line, which has struggled to generate pressure all season. He would be by far the most athletic and experienced pass-rusher on the field if he does in fact play this season.

Note: Technical Tidbits will be off tomorrow for Thanksgiving because I (and hopefully you as well) will be doing Thanksgiving-y stuff like watching football and overeating.

Have a great Thanksgiving!