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Defensive position stats for the dogs

A breakdown of defensive stats for Georgie's 2-4-5 defense.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The dog defense features a fairly hardy corps of linebackers. Amarlo Herrera, Ramik Wilson, Jordan Jenkins, and Leonard Floyd have started in 43 of 44 linebacker starts for the dogs. Those four guys also account for 39% of the dog's tackles and 51% of the TFL's. The chart below shows a breakdown of tackles by position per game.


So, in Tech's game we should expect roughly seven tackles from the DL, 27 tackles from the LB's, and 15 tackles from the secondary. I put a fifth DB in the chart because georgie makes uses of a STAR position that is a glorified nickelback. A majority of their games featured the STAR in the starting lineup so I included it in this breakdown. We've seen some pretty unusual defenses against the triple option so I'm not going to try and guess what georgie's going to throw at us other than those big 4 linebackers (average 6'3", 239#).


I did some quick research and there isn't nearly the acclaim of Jarvis Jones or Alec Ogltree amongst this linebacking corps. The dogs are 54th nationally against the run and have given up 19 rushing touchdowns, which is good enough for 74th nationally. However, the bread and butter of the dog d is the pass defense, which is 7th nationally in yardage allowed per game and 16th in opposing passer rating. The secondary per five defensive backs is averaging about a pick per game. The linebackers only have a single pick.


The dogs are allowing about 24 points per BCS calibre opponent. Those opponents scored about 28 points per BCS opponent so the dogs have outperformed their opponent scoring averages by about 4 points per game. I like the fact that in 2 of 3 rivalry games, the dog D has not gotten up for the game (UF and USCeast). Motivation will definitely be interesting after the result of the Missouri-Arkansas game the day before our game. Any thoughts?