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Technical Tidbits 11/25

Why do you hate uga?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Just short of every single Yellow Jacket will be 100% healthy in time for Tech's Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate match-up against the dwags on Saturday, including A-Back Charles Perkins. Perkins has had an injury-plagued campaign yet remains one of Tech's most productive A-Backs, especially when you consider his fantastic blocking ability on the perimeter. You can notice a difference in the effectiveness of the entire rotation when Perkins is out just because the other main contributors are not nearly as adept in run-blocking -- Charles has been and will continue to be a huge part of what makes this offense tick. A bye week may not be good for much (as a fan, at least), but healing up sure is one thing that makes them a little bit more tolerable.

This season's installment of COFH will be the 109th meeting between the leg-lovers and Yellow Jackets, making it the 19th most-played rivalry in all of college football. I still cannot believe that this game, which will likely be between two top 15 schools and historic rivals, is going to be played at noon. That is just criminal. The game itself should at least be a very good one (despite the equally criminal 13.5 spread in favor of uga), so be sure to tune in if you like watching historic rushing games from Justin Thomas or inbred dogs sleeping.

Everyone has their own special reason for hating uga. Whether it be the creepy lard bucket that they call a dog, the lovely attitude of the average street fan, or something else that they find totally intolerable. Similarly, there are many reasons why uga fans have a strong disdain for Tech fans, most of which are hilarious. I want to give a special round of applause to the guy who posted the first comment on that thread:

Techies are the ones that like to remind you that their players have to take CALCULUS~~~~~~!

It's not that we want to remind you that our players take calculus, it's that we want to remind you that our players have to take classes at all.

While we can't know for sure how Tech will stack up in the CFB Playoff Committee Poll until tonight, SB Nation estimates that the Jackets will move up two spots from last week and land at No. 16 in the nation. I would be happy with this, although I still feel that we are a top 15 team as it stands. I guess we can only wait and see what the committee does later on tonight.

Why do you hate uga?

Have a great Tuesday!