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HATE WEEK: Top 10 Greatest COFH Games #5

We pick back up in our countdown in a very down year for Georgia Tech football.

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With the exception of that season's installment of Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate, Georgia Tech was bad in 1950. Going into the game, Tech had lost six of their 10 games, allowing an average of 19.3 points per game, as compared to georgia's 5.8 points allowed per game.

Tech had taken a stunning loss to VMI 14-13 and a humiliating one to Alabama 54-19.

With their defense, uga had managed a 6-1-3 record up to that game and was a clear favorite. Their one loss came at the hands of that same Alabama team who humiliated Tech. The dwags gave up a season-high 14 points on defense and lost by a final score of 14-7.

The Game

It was Homecoming in Athens, and uga had filled their entire 50,000-seat stadium.

uga managed to completely run over Georgia Tech, outgaining the Yellow Jackets in total yards 225 yards to 94. So how could Tech possibly win this game? Let's find out.

The dwags started the game off well, intercepting a pass from Joe Salome early, but that's about where their good day ended.

As georgia was driving down the field, they made it all the way down to the 19-yard line when quarterback Mal Cook fumbled the ball, and it was picked up by Tech at the 26-yard line.

The Yellow Jackets were able to drive the rest of the length of the field, with the help of two 15-yard penalties, and score on a one-yard quarterback sneak from Darrell Crawford.

This was the only score of the entire game.

georgia would be unable to finish any drive for the remainder of the game. They turned the ball over six (!) more times.

The Aftermath

The dwags led the game in quite a few things: first downs (15-9), rushing yards (161-74), passing yards (64-20), total yards (225-94), penalty yards (50-28) and turnovers (7-1).

This game was also the second in the famous drought.