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Georgie Receivers by Down and Distance

Let's break down the georgie receiving corps based on downs and distance.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I know nothing about georgie's squad. I watched a little bit of their game against Florida but other than Todd Gurley's ACL and signing abilities, I know very little of the dogs so I broke out the play-by-plays to find out who gets the ball through the air when georgie needs to pass. I took out garbage drives, excluded non-BCS calibre teams, and non-Mason drives for the following data sets. First, let's look at what receivers get the rock based on down:


The purple "Other" category includes throw-aways, sacks, and passes with unknown destinations. Chris Conley is leading the team in receiving yards this season but on first down he is not getting more looks than Michael Bennett. Georgie also doubles the percentage of running back looks when going in to second and third down. Fourth down is a relatively useless set of data as georgie only has two plays in this register. Looks by distance is equally balanced.


If you recall 2011 as much as I do, you'll recall Orson Charles was a fiend for georgie's receiving corps. Jeb Blazevich has not quite hit Charles' level of consistency and is not being targeted at nearly the rate of Orson. He's caught a couple TD's and is a mild threat for Tech who typically struggles with talented TE's. For Tech, it really boils down to the depth and experience of georgie's wide receivers and the distribution that is typical of the Bobo's offense (minus AJ's seasons).


There are two seniors and a junior that get a majority of georgie's wide receiver looks and between Bennett, Conley, and Mitchell, Mason is completing around 67% of his passes during real football. I do not think the running back or tight end passing game is quite as developed as we've seen as indicated in the numbers. Blazevich is not getting many looks and the RB's are getting screen-type plays in garbage plays like 3 and 15. With Gurley out, I expect the percent of RB receptions to be even less. I think the depth of receivers out wide is what has given georgie so much success on the ground (~6 yards per carry all season). The opposing secondary has to dedicate 3-4 players to wide outs and really cannot focus on the run. It will be a great match to see Tech's corners versus georgie's receivers.