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GT-Clemson Superlatives Results

The votes are in! Great write-ins abound, but not too many surprises as far as polls go.

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Well, well, well... Another record turnout is in the books. Granted, these poll results were compiled 12 hours later than normal, but this morning the record had already been shattered. We had 140 total voters this time! Way to show up and fulfill your civic duty, everyone.


Back to business. Not very many surprises this week, but the write-ins were definitely worth noting… A little more on that later. But first, let’s get crankin’ with our Player of the Game on offense.

Offensive Player of the Game


Justin Thomas took this one pretty easily, and deservedly so – 8/11 passing for 102 yards and a TD is almost exactly what you want from your option quarterback, statistically speaking. High completion percentage, no turnovers, and a touchdown to boot. Overall, a very efficient day slinging the rock for JT, not to mention his 46 yards on the ground and excellent ball distribution. DeAndre Smelter was also everywhere for the Jackets, helping Justin out on multiple third downs with his precise route-running and superior ball-hawking skills.

Play of the Game on Offense


This poll had a nice distribution. Clearly the fans loved Justin’s performance in this game, as the majority of the vote went to his 65 yard keeper at the start of the third quarter. Justin looked like he was freestyling on that run, turning the Clemson safety around multiple times almost for the heck of it. Two of Smelter’s several athletic catches also did pretty well in the polls, and it was good to see Snoddy recognized for his contributions to the game as well. Losing Snoddy hurts even more now that we’re facing Florida State in a couple of weeks, but we have plenty of senior leadership at A-back to pick up the slack.

Defensive Player of the Game


PJ Davis took the title yet again, for his monster 13 tackle performance. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for Paul here to meet Nick Chubb in a week or so. We’ll need his playmaking ability to slow down georgia’s run offense for sure. Antonio Simmons only received one vote, but you know what? It’s okay. It was a stretch to expect him to win Player of the Game honors in his first appearance in the polls. Rather, I see this as a sign of the great potential that the freshman has. He’s definitely on my list of players I’m excited to see progress in these next few games.

Also, someone wrote in "The Entire Defense" for player of the game. Such a nice change of pace from all the "None"s we got earlier this season. This team has come a long way.

Play of the Game on Defense


Jamal Golden’s sensational 85 yard pick-six took this one in a landslide. I know the sentiment among many of our readers is that it’s one of the best plays on defense by a Yellow Jacket ever, and I have to agree. Even the ESPN announcers were saying it’s one of the best plays they’ve ever seen. For Jamal to make that good of a read and fly to the line of scrimmage from 20 yards out to make the pick is definitely a feat worthy of recognition. We all know how much georgia likes to run the screen. They way Jamal, Chris Milton, and D.J. White have been playing, georgia might end up running it more than we do. I wouldn't blame them if they did - I think we have the advantage in quarterbacks AND receivers. And teams, while we're at it.

Notable Write-ins

I had to have a section dedicated to the write-ins I received this week. Among the more interesting entries, in no particular order:

  • Cole Stoudt
  • Rick Grimes (from The Walking Dead)
  • The team showing their support for Snoddy (this one could have won if it was an official candidate)
  • Andrew Chau
  • Andrew Milhollin (played quarterback on my flag football team freshman year)

Aaaaand, last but not least….

  • Dabo "I dance like a white girl" Swinney


Offensive Player of the Game – Justin Thomas

Play of the Game on Offense – Justin Thomas’s 65 yd run

Defensive Player of the Game – Paul Davis

Play of the Game on Defense – Jamal Golden’s pick-six