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Technical Tidbits 11/21

In which we talk distasteful dwags.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

There have been dozens if not hundreds of fantastic players to wear the uniform of an ACC school since the conference's conception in 1953, but very few are worthy of being considered among the conference's best players in history. In fact, when you are trying to decide who the best player in ACC history is, there are a very select few that come to mind first. There was Philip Rivers at NC State, Luke Kuechly at Boston College, and Jameis Winston Warrick Dunn at Florida State -- all great players, but not quite the best. That honor belongs to former Yellow Jacket and current near-consensus best ACC player ever Calvin Johnson. What else is there to say? Can't touch Megatron.

The city of Atlanta and Georgia Tech have been chosen to host to host the 2018 Men's Basketball South Regional Tournament. You honestly can't go wrong with basketball venues in Atlanta -- Philips Arena and McCamish Pavilion are both fantastic -- but being the official host college of a part of the NCAA Tournament will hopefully bring a little bit of recognition to Georgia Tech's often forgotten basketball program. It will also provide a cool atmosphere in Atlanta like the one that was brought about last time the Final Four was here a few years back, albeit a bit more toned down.

Just in case you are a bit overwhelmed by the new CFB Playoff format, this new and innovative way of explaining it should help you out: it's a Risk board with all of the contenders! The dwags are in Greenland, and I give the author of the post 100% credit for a phenomenal explanation of exactly why they are there:

"Map distortion leads UGA to look like a larger threat than it actually presents, but it's still a threat."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

There is a point where a competitive rivalry becomes a testament to how tasteless college football fans can be. It is a fine line, and one which was apparently crossed by uga fans during the dwags' win over Auburn last week. If you read that open letter, it is really quite embarrassing that we even share a state with some of those types of fans. I know that not all dwags are like that and also that every fanbase has fans like that, but that is just crossing the line. It is for that reason that I have no interest in travelling to Athens to watch anyone play, especially Georgia Tech. That is one terrible trend which needs to change immediately.

Is Calvin Johnson the best ACC player ever? What will Tech have to do to be competitive against FSU? (Note: I wrote this at halftime of the Duke game. I'm feeling confident.)

Have a great weekend!