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Jackets and Dwags Side by Side

A comparison of georgie's offensive prowess versus Tech's scoring machine. A comparison of georgie's stout defense and Tech's opportunistic D.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The georgie game always gets my blood boiling. It's the time of year that family members who've had little to no interaction with you all year post onomatopoeic phrases all over your facebook or try to make smack talk about COFH. I always tell my wife that my favorite part about living in the Carolinas is that I never see the Green Bay G anymore and the only reds are worn by sad NC State fans. I think the combination of Justin Thomas and the upcoming georgie game is what got my collegiate blogging hair alive again. Hence, I'm talking georgie today.

So this post's focus is to look back at my stats I posted a day or so ago about Tech's offense compared to prior Coastal champs and compare 2014 Tech to the 2014 dwags. The two offenses are very similar in scoring efficiency. Tech is only scoring 1/50th of a point more than the georgie offense per drive. The dogs have scored more points as a unit but as I mentioned in an earlier post, Tech is destroying the game clock in 2014. A disconcerting point is that Tech is turning the ball over every 6th drive while the dogs go 14 drives between turnovers. The dwags are doing a great job of ball security. They're the fourth best in I-A in interceptions thrown, sixth best in fumbles lost, and second overall in turnover margin. This is slightly disconcerting for a D that relies on mistakes from opposing offenses.


Note, I "quoted" offense and defense because I rolled all special teams scores and kicks in to the offensive categories and all defensive touchdowns were subtracted from net points allowed. I did not feel like figuring out if teams went for two or missed PAT's after defensive touchdowns so all PAT's are under the O.

Tech's D picks up a little of the offense's slack when it comes to turnovers as Tech is no slouch in turnover margin at 10th in the country. The Tech D is forcing a turnover every 3.7 drives while georgie forces a turnover every 4.5 drives. Scoring defense leaves a little to be desired with Tech as we are allowing about 27% more points per opposing drive than georgie's D. I think offensively the teams appear to be fairly evenly matched. Defensively, georgie has an edge. The X factor has been the fact that Tech hasn't quit in any games while georgie just gave up in the Florida-made-for-TV rivalry game against a relatively weak team. Any thoughts out there in interweb land?