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GAMETHREAD: Duke Vs. North Carolina

Since our Yellow Jackets won't be playing this weekend, our focus shifts to rooting for a Duke loss to get Tech in the ACC Championship game.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I can't ever remember being this excited for a game not involving a team that I root for.

All eyes are on Duke tonight as they attempt to remain alive for the ACC Coastal Championship. A loss will send Georgia Tech to Charlotte to face a potentially undefeated Florida State team. A win will put Duke in position to only need a win against Wake Forest next week to clinch the division.

After spoiling a good opportunity last week against Virginia Tech, Duke now has to face a motivated North Carolina team in need of one win to make a bowl game. North Carolina has played much better as of late after they started the year badly, and their high-scoring offense could poise problems for the Blue Devils.

The two teams will kick it off at 7:30 on ESPN. I guarantee it will be much more entertaining than watching the Raiders play on NFL Network. Join us here so we can all rejoice as Duke plays terribly and gives us a chance at the Seminoles!