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From the Rumble Seat's Weekend Selections, Week 13

There's one crucial game happening this weekend, and up until recently, it's the last one you would have expected.

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Week 12 Results

Username Total Score Username Total Score
fuzzybee86 18 Buddy Smiggins 14
smathis93 17 Yeller Bug 14
RamblinVak 16 south of the border 14
thebugman10 15 Ben.Tankersley 13
Fear the Bees 15 Joey Weaver 13
ITPatlien 15 jgtengineer 13
rarmijo3 15 AA-Town Jacket 13
greg_t 15 EvDiggity 13
sporeman 15 bo_w 13
Tyler Duke 14 JStew_GT 13
eekanerd 14 dhbartlett 13
CaliGT 14 Stockbridge Mafia 13

A strong performance this week from fuzzybee86, as well as smathis93 and RamblinVak! In a week of some pretty crazy games, these folks were on point with their selections. Bravo to you.

Staff MVP this week, with a major breakout performance, was Tyler Duke! He outperformed everyone else on staff, although Ben Tankersley and I were hot on his tail with 13. LVP this week was also the staff LVP, none other than the Duff'd It! king himself, MagnaCarterGT, whose score of 6 was the low-water mark of the week. In lieu of breaking out a joke that's really the lowest-hanging of fruit, I'll tell you that his 6 points included two correct picks against the spread, meaning that there were 6 games where he incorrectly selected both the spread and outright winner! (I'll let you fill in the blank here with a "clever" joke.)

Season Leaderboard

Username Weeks Played Total Score Username Weeks Played Total Score
CaliGT 12 153 dhbartlett 12 141
Buddy Smiggins 12 152 pulindian 12 140
ITPatlien 12 152 DressHerInWhiteAndGold 11 139
kenneth bonner 12 149 edac46 12 139
packerman 12 149 nygooch 11 135
ClavinCliff 12 148 Stockbridge Mafia 11 135
south of the border 12 146 Ben.Tankersley 12 134
Caplax 12 145 MagnaCarterGT 12 132
eekanerd 12 145 PeterInVA 12 132
thebugman10 11 145 Gdheffley 11 132
Joey Weaver 12 144 Tyler Duke 12 132
rarmijo3 12 144 Fear the Bees 11 129
Atlanta's Original Team 11 142 fuzzybee86 10 129
jabbajacket 12 141 GTJonny 11 128

If I told you that a tie for the lead was broken this week, who would you guess was the former co-leader? If you guessed anyone in the top 5, surprise! You're wrong. Yes, in one week, ClavinCliff went from tied for the lead to 5 points back and in 6th place...this is a game that really takes no prisoners! No, this week CaliGT took an outright one point lead on the back of a 14-point performance, although ITPatlien's 15 points put them into a tie with Buddy Smiggins for second place! They enjoy a three-point lead over kenneth bonner and packerman, who are currently tied for fourth.

In staff news, AOT had a rough week and I had a pretty good one, giving me sole possession of first place on the staff! (Even though AOT continues to lead on points per week...) On the back of his big week, Tyler Duke is no longer in last place among the staff -- or at least not by himself. He's worked his way into a tie with Grant and MagnaCarterGT, who are all only two points behind Ben Tankersley. The plot continues to thicken!

You can see the full results from Week 12 and the full season leaderboard here: link.

This Week's Picks

Apologies for lateness, blah blah blah...

Huge game Thursday night, as Duke's best chance to lose the rest of this season happens when they host a dangerous North Carolina team coming off of a 40-35 win over Pittsburgh. Why should you care? If you don't know by now, it's that a Duke loss this week or next week sends Georgia Tech to the ACC Championship Game. Only problem with that is that next week they play a terrible Wake Forest team, so if it's happening, this week is the week!

Get to picking, and make it quick! All picks are due by kickoff of TONIGHT'S Kansas State-West Virginia game!