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Technical Tidbits 11/19

Does Justin Thomas have a case for being the ACC's top quarterback?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Fresh off of a huge win over rival Clemson, your Yellow Jackets have officially cracked the top 20 of the College Football Playoff rankings for the first time ever. The Jackets, who were down at No. 22 last week, rose all the way up to No. 18 following their drubbing of then No. 19 and current No. 22 Clemson. In all honesty, I'm shocked that the Tigers didn't fall further in the poll considering how poorly they played and also that Tech didn't make it to around No. 16 or so. While I generally don't have a beef with the CFP committee's choices, I do feel that this was one of the weaker performances by the voters. I have a problem with three-loss Auburn being in the top 15, but that's about all I can say in the way of disapproval.

This week's ACC upset watch features none other than the Duke Blue Devils, who will face off with UNC in what will be Tech's biggest game of the year despite the Jackets not even playing in it. As I have said and will continue to say every day until the game, a UNC win means that Georgia Tech will face FSU in the ACC Championship. That is SO, SO, SO big for the Jackets. If you don't tune in for the game, I will be really disappointed in you. Flat out. Now, in terms of the actual game, the outcome will ride of the shoulders of Marquise Williams. He needs to keep his defense off of the field as much as possible or else Duke will score over and over again, just like we saw when UNC played Tech. Fire up that Tarheel bandwagon and hop on!

At the beginning of this season, I'd have called you crazy if you'd have told me that Justin Thomas would be mentioned alongside Jameis "Crablegs" Winston in the ACC QB of the year debate. I mean, you rarely see players from Paul Johnson's offense mentioned in this light, especially quarterbacks. It really makes me feel like people are starting to understand that Thomas' job is a lot more than taking the snap and handing the ball off. He does more for his team than anyone in the conference while simultaneously playing selflessly and sacrificing his personal stats, which many guys just couldn't do. #JT4HEISMAN

Speaking of Mr. Crablegs, the authenticity of some 300+ signed items of his is being questioned following the whole Todd Gurley debacle. To be honest, there are only two certainties in all of this. The first is that Jameis will get busted for something like this, and the second is that he will be long gone by the time he does. Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that the TPD is doing everything they can to help.

Does Justin Thomas have a case for being the conference's top QB?

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