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Technical Tidbits 11/18

In which UNC looks to troll Duke out of an ACC Championship bid.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

A pair of Yellow Jackets once again took home ACC Player of the Week honors with PJ Davis and DeAndre Smelter bringing home linebacker and receiver of the week, respectively. This is Davis' second time bringing home the LB of the Week award (he also did it following Tech's win over the Hokies) and it is a great indication of just how great PJ has been all season for Tech. I don't think that anyone would have expected him to come out guns blazing like he has so far in 2014, especially considering that he is just a sophomore. You could even make the argument that he has outplayed fellow linebacker Quayshawn Nealy, who isn't exactly a slouch at the position himself.

The Duke Blue Devils will be playing on short rest before their HUGE game against UNC this Thursday. The game, which could determine the ACC Coastal, is going to be a massive game for the Devils simply because they will get Carolina's absolute best shot. The Tar Heels know that they have to win out in order to become bowl eligible, and what good rival doesn't like spoiling their enemy's championship aspirations? I mean, if Georgia Tech beats uga in a couple of weeks then the Jackets will have brutally murdered any shot the dwags had at the playoffs. Same principle with Duke and UNC. Oh man, I'd sit in my room and cackle maniacally for days if that happened.

If you'll do me the favor of ignoring the fact that the author of this article continuously refers to Marcus Georges-Hunt as "Marques" then you might actually find that he has a very good point in terms of what MGH has to do during his junior campaign on the Flats. The 6-foot-5 shooting guard/small forward has the potential to be both a play-maker and a high scorer, but he'll also have to figure out that perfect balance which will let him be successful. While it totally blows my mind as to why he is referred to as Marques and Marcus in the same post, I will just give the benefit of the doubt and assume that calling him Marques is just a way of expressing that he is going to blossom into a new player in 2014. That's deep, am I right?

Let me take you over to the MLB for a minute, where your Atlanta Braves have officially begun the rebuilding process by dealing Jason Heyward to the Cardinals for right-handed starter Shelby Miller. At first glance the deal broke my heart, but as you look deeper it is easy to see that it was the right move to make. It gives the Braves two potential high-end starters who are under control for a combined 10 years in exchange for Heyward and Jordan Walden, two guys under club control for a combined 3 years. Not to mention that I'm going to hold on to my dream of Heyward returning to Atlanta via free-agency until Jason himself slaps me in the face.

Note: The Braves also traded former Yellow Jacket Kyle Wren to Milwaukee for a peanut butter sandwich and a hug as they continued their system-wide purging of all Wren men.

How would you celebrate a UNC win over Duke? Would it be unsportsmanlike to release a swarm of Yellow Jackets into the Duke locker room and leave a note that says "YOU JUST GOT STUNG, MUTHA [ Derek and the Dominos ]?

Have a great Tuesday!