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It's On Us: A Quick PSA

For those wondering about the changed logo you're seeing, here's the background behind that.

Normally, when you visit From the Rumble Seat, you look into the top left corner of the web page and see this logo:


This morning, though, you're seeing a different one -- one that looks like this:

FTRS Its On Us

So what is It's On Us, and why has it invaded our logo?

"It's On Us" is a movement, headed up by the White House, aimed at changing the way we think about sexual assault in this country. Statistics tell us that one in five women and one in sixteen men will be sexually assaulted in college -- alarming numbers, to say the least. Chances are that you or someone you love has been affected by sexual assault, and the time has come for us as a community to take a stand against that horrible crime.

That said, SB Nation is one of a number of entities joining the White House in support of this movement. Visiting any SB Nation site today will show changed logos, as the whole network will be participating in support. The logos will remain as such for the next week, but the movement is planned to continue for the next year and beyond as we look to incite cultural change in the US concerning this matter.

How does this involve Georgia Tech?

VOICE is a Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Initiative that takes shape as a student organization on campus (link). Georgia Tech's Student Government Association is also involved in this movement, having put out a video PSA regarding sexual violence last week:

How can I get involved?

Head over to the It's On Us web page (link) and take the pledge to do your part and keep women and men alike safe from sexual violence.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, we ask that you keep any comments respectful of the matter. We have a lot of fun in this community, but this is one topic we won't be joking about. Thanks!