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The Typical Television Announcer Bingo Card: Georgia Tech Edition!

Ask and you shall receive, Georgia Tech fans.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Finding a television announcer that knows what he's talking about is a challenge to say the least. In fact, the struggle is so real that most major television stations seem to have just given up all together and are now content with typical, boring, and general statements about the team that is playing. After all, who doesn't like hearing how athletic everyone on the field is over and over again?

Long story short, cliche saying get old fast when you are trying to watch football. Especially when you are trying to watch Georgia Tech football and you happen to already know that Paul Johnson was the former coach at Navy. Seriously, we get it. Man, I sure wish I had some sort of way to keep track of all of those lame lines, maybe even in the form of a game. Maybe a Bingo game...

So every time you hear the announcers for the Clemson game say any one of those terrible lines, draw an X or something over the corresponding box. Heck, I'm sure we could get a blackout on that thing after the first quarter. Who knew that uninformed broadcasting could be so much fun? Three cheers for retirement home games!

Have fun and Go Jackets!