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Technical Tidbits 11/12

In which we praise Deshaun Watson in hopes that he spares our football team.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson's freshman phenom of a quarterback, Deshaun Watson, is one immensely talented player with the potential to become something great during his time with the Tigers. That said, it only seems natural the he would make his first start back from injury against, you guessed it, Georgia Tech! Watson pretty much has all of the same qualities as every other quarterback that has given Tech trouble this season -- he is a very mobile guy playing behind a solid offensive line and has a great arm as well. Can we think of anyone else who fits that set of characteristics and has killed Tech's 2014 defense? I know one guy who plays for Carolina and whose name rhymes with Sharkweese Trilliams that may or may not have dropped 50+ on Tech in Chapel Hill. He, as it happens, is a lot like Deshaun Waston in the way he plays, albeit a bit more aggressive. The defense will have to go out of its way to control Watson this week. He is an athletic freak with the ability to make us all very sad this week.

With Georgia Tech basketball tipping off for the season this Friday against rival uga, coach Brian Gregory's guys will have a lot to work on if they hope to become competitive in the ACC during what will be coach Gregory's fourth season on the Flats. The biggest aspect of Tech's game that I'm worried about will be the offense, which was flat out terrible a season ago. When you consider that Tech also lost high-scorers like Trae Golden, Robert Carter, Daniel Miller, Solomon Poole, and Kammeon Holsey, then the outlook is less than rosy as far as putting the ball in the basket this season. The defense on the other hand should be just as solid as it usually is; coach Gregory's teams live and die by defense and this season should be no different.

The latest round of CFB Playoff polling came in yesterday, and the results were strangely non-inflammatory, at least in my eyes. The top four features four deserving schools in Mississippi State, Oregon, Florida State, and TCU (in that order), which would make for a very fun-to-watch playoff lineup. Georgia Tech comes in at No. 22 while their upcoming opponent, Clemson, comes in at No. 19. That is a noon-worthy game if I've ever seen one. The school from Athens comes in at No. 15 following a beat-down of a Kentucky team with no quality wins, and Texas A&M snuck back in after making us all forget about their massive blowout at the hands of Alabama with a win over Aurburn.

One of the interesting things about that poll is that the Oregon Ducks, riding an impressive win streak in a strong Pac-12, managed to jump Florida State and take over the No. 2 ranking. While I don't fully agree with the decision, I really can't fault the committee for giving a boost to an Oregon team which has been one crucial mistake away from the championship for what seems like years now. I think that they deserve a trip in Marcus Mariota's final collegiate season.

Note: When I said that I was actually going to make a typical television announcer bingo card, I wasn't kidding. I already have the template made and just need a few more sayings to put in (I need 16 total, already have some from the other thread). If you have any more, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave them in the comments.

Should Oregon have jumped FSU in the rankings? What would a win over Clemson do for Tech's ranking?

Have a great Wednesday!