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Georgia Tech Football: Fans React to Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate on the SEC Network

It's not immediately obvious, but if you look a little closer and read into the comments some more, you'll see that there are some fans who would have preferred this game on another channel.

Georgia Tech fans right now, apparently.
Georgia Tech fans right now, apparently.
Michael Shroyer


On Monday, it was announced that Georgia Tech's annual game against their rivals in Athens will kick off at noon and will be played on the SEC Network. There are two interesting aspects of that. First, the SEC Network is unavailable to Georgia Tech students as a part of the standard campus housing TV lineup (no shocker there). Additionally, the network is clearly supportive of one team's conference, while that conference is a major source of displeasure from the entire fanbase of the other team. Quite the conundrum, no?

We asked you what your thoughts were via multiple outlets, and promised we would post some of them. Let's see what you said!

Before we get started, I should point out that some of these comments include vulgar language which we will not be including. Instead, in their place, we will be including the names of rock bands from the 1970s. Maybe that'll lighten up the mood a bit!

Comments (Original FanShot)



Eff every bit of this


At least I won't have to wait around all day for my Saturday to be ruined.


That's the spirit!

No problem with noon kick for an away game, but I resent being forced to watch the SEC network. Ugh.


I bet Telemundo would've given us the night slot. That would show them.

-Cade Lawson

I think you might be underestimating how much better Spanish announcers can make any sport, ever. I, for one, support this notion.

Wow, good start! Let's check over at Facebook -- ever the producer of good, wholesome discussion.

Facebook (Link)

That's messed up [series of "thumbs down" emoticons]

-AJ Paulson

noon clemson and noon u(sic)ga.... thats messed up

-Gabriel Arronte

I think you guys are on to something!

we have had 7 kickoffs before 1 this year. 4 of those at home and 2 against our biggest rivals. This is crap

-Philip Creviston

In ATHENS is it BAD a Noon KICK? That means less Drunk A...holes and drunk STUPID college kids showing their [Grand Funk Railroad] to TECH fans that actually go to the SEPTIC TANK of the South.

For some of you that have CMT(country music TV) go on your SEARCH and watch what ATHENS is like. A TV show called "PARTY DOWN SOUTH" was in Athens last season and you can see what that PIG PIT place is really like. There are more BARS than the LEGAL DRINKING AGE people can support but all those bars are there and MOM & Dad are buying the Drunks and the DUIs...What a CLassy place to send your child.

-Chris Mashburn

Woah! Those, sir, are some high-quality #hottakez. Bravo.

(You should know that, from here, the comments section broke down into a moderate quality pissing contest. Tune in for a few more #hottakez!)

I'd say that's some good reaction. Now for the main event -- TWITTER!


Fightin' words!

Looks like someone's going to be streaming Brandon Gaudin's call that day!

Some true poetry there from a few FTRS staff members!

You, sir, need to calm down. It's just a football game.

Look! Another fan of the GT Gameday app!

And another!

And perhaps the greatest response to the prompt:

Oh, and a Twitter special feature!

FTRS Staff Writer and Resident Twitter Celebrity MagnaCarterLive (Twitter)

Because Tweets cannot be edited, I'll just post a series of quotes from Carter's Twitter, linked above.

"a matchup of two top 25 teams? sounds great! who's in it?"
"Georgia Tech and-"
"Georgia Tech?? [Steve Miller Band] 'em. put it at noon!"
this season has been one long "[Aerosmith] you" letter to Georgia Tech from ESPN.
"would you like a game to start sometime other than noon? [Styx] you."
"would you like your students to be able to watch your rivalry game from campus? [KISS] you."
"would you like a mention, ever? [ZZ Top] you, you should feel lucky we even air your games at all. we're doing you a favor here."
again, GT cable does not get the SEC network (because why would they?), so if you're a GT student, ESPN has told you to go [Earth, Wind & Fire] yourself.

These are all totally valid points, and also potentially song lyrics for these bands if they wrote songs how rappers do nowadays and constantly mentioned themselves.

It's a little hard to tell, and probably too early to call, but I'm getting the idea that Georgia Tech fans might not be too happy about Monday's announcement. We'll see as the situation continues to unfold!