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Georgia Tech Football: 3 Things to Watch for Against Duke

5-0 and riding high. Could this be our downfall?

Yeah, he's pretty good.
Yeah, he's pretty good.
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

We're 5-0, and it feels amazing. Georgia Tech returns to the gridiron this Saturday in an attempt to become one of the first teams to become bowl eligible.

Let's look at some key factors for this week's game.


David Cutcliffe doesn't really like Georgia Tech very much. At least, his comments don't seem to deny that argument. Earlier this week, Cutcliffe commented on the recruiting at Georgia Tech, and in some ways, offered a compliment to us. Paul Johnson seemed thrilled to respond to his comments.

"How many receivers have they put in the NFL?" Johnson asked after the Yellow Jackets’ Wednesday practice in preparation for Saturday’s game against Duke. "I can tell you. None. They’ve had one offensive player (drafted by) the NFL in his six years there. … He probably ought to worry about his own business."

A lot of times, after emotional victories, like Tech's two against VPI and Miami, teams will have a heartbreaking loss. Could that be the case this week? As long as Georgia Tech has Derrick Moore, I wouldn't be so sure.

Who's going to get the football this week?

One thing I really love about Georgia Tech is that even when opposing defenses try to stop one aspect of our offense, we have the capability to shift to another aspect. This was huge last week. Up until last week, people were letting Justin Thomas beat them. Miami decided they were not going to let Thomas beat them, so they let Zach Laskey beat them.

When this offense is at its peak, that's how it works. You take one cog out, and another one starts moving. It's a never-ending machine. And it's so much fun to watch.

This week, Duke will likely try and take out both Thomas and Laskey, in an attempt to make us beat them in yet another way. This week, we'll have to beat them with the a-backs and the wide receivers. From what I've seen and the talent which Tech possesses, our receivers and a-backs should prove more than enough for Duke's defense to handle.

What should we make of this Duke team?

This is an interesting Duke team. Yes, they are 4-1. Yes, they are a veteran team with a good head coach. But there is a glaring hole I see: their schedule. You see, those four wins are comprised of the almighty Elon, Troy, Tulane and Kansas.

The one loss? It came from Miami. The same team Tech just beat with 40 minutes TOP and over 300 yards rushing. In Duke's game against the Hurricanes, Anthony Boone threw the ball 51 times for a grand total of 179 yards. Their leading rusher? Shaquille Powell had 58 rushing yards.

That doesn't exactly sound like an ACC frontrunner to me, but what do I know?

That's what I'm watching out for, what are y'all watching out for?