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From the Rumble Seat's Over/Unders - Duke 2014

In which I'm trying to do better this week when it comes to setting lines.

Scott Cunningham

Welcome back to the Over/Unders! Last week's game against Miami was an interesting one, resulting in a solid win for Georgia Tech, but still coming out as "Under" on three of the six presented lines. I thought I might have made up a little bit for lost time with a big ole' 5, but it turns out it wasn't as productive as I would have liked it to be...

Username Total Score Username Total Score
Atlanta's Original Team 6 ITPatlien 5
ClavinCliff 6 JackAdamParker 5
fuzzybee86 6 Jgtengineer 5
kenneth bonner 6 Joey Weaver 5
PeterInVA 6 lfort3 5
Buddy Smiggins 5 nkmort 5
chilidogringsfo 5 rarmijo3 5
CPJapologist 5 rocketman12 5
CTjacket 5 satrry 5
dhbartlett 5 thebugman10 5
Fear the Bees 5 Tyler Duke 5
gtee03 5 Yeller Bug 5
Gtg825x 5 zetaman 5
HelluvanEngineer 5

Yes, there were FIVE perfect scores last week, including first and second place on the season, including ClavinCliff and kenneth bonner. Additionally, the average for the week was 4.05. Sounds like I need to up my game. LVP on the week was newcomer Don Estell, who had a near-perfectly-imperfect 1 point. (Weirder still is that the one point he did get was on the question with the lowest success rate.) The staff was led by AOT, who also posted a perfect score, and also featured Luke Fort and Tyler Duke with 5 correct. Congrats to this week's winners!

Now, for the overall season standings...

Username Total Score Username Total Score
ClavinCliff 26 sporeman 21
kenneth bonner 24 Tyler Duke 21
Yeller Bug 24 AugustaJacket 20
nkmort 23 Buddy Smiggins 20
Atlanta's Original Team 22 MagnaCarterGT 20
dhbartlett 22 PeterInVA 20
gtee03 22 reggieball 20
jerrlee 22 TechTiger52 20
JStew_GT 22 zetaman 20
Fear the Bees 21 AA-Town Jacket 19
ITPatlien 21 Ben.Tankersley 19
JacksonJacket 21 SliceMonkey 19
MaristHighSchool 21

Normally, Yeller Bug's 5 would have been enough to retain his outright second-place spot, but with kenneth bonner hot on his tail, it wasn't to be this week. AOT leads the staff with 22, followed by Tyler and Carter. I currently sit 8 points off the's been a rough year so far for this line-setter.

You can view full results from Miami and the Season Leaderboard here: link.

For all those killing it this year so far, here's your chance to keep that up. For all those that can't quite claim as much, here's our chance at redemption. Get to picking!

All picks are due by kickoff of the Georgia Tech-Duke game. Good luck!