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From the Rumble Seat's Weekend Selections, Week 7

It's another week of slim pick 'ems in the ACC, so it's another week including a few high-profile games nationally.

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Welcome back to Weekend Selections! Hopefully you've recovered from the head-spinning that probably occurred after last weekend's complete breakdown of everything we thought we knew about college football (seriously, this season has been a giant episode of Whose Line...everything is made up and the points just don't matter). Without further ado, let's check out the damages from last week.

Username Week 6 Username Week 6
dakota 17 Stockbridge Mafia 15
DressHerInWhiteAndGold 17 Atlanta's Original Team 14
eekanerd 17 biggtfan 14
CPJapologist 16 chilidogringsfo 14
frumpl 16 edac46 14
HelluvanEngineer 16 Fear the Bees 14
ITPatlien 16 Joey Weaver 14
ClavinCliff 15 JohnHeisman 14
GTFridge25 15 nygooch 14
JoshJGT 15 RamblinGamblinEngineer 14
Samination19 15 Ramblnwrek 14
Smathis93 15 rarmijo3 14
sporeman 15 Average 12.62

Woo!! I'm back, baby!!! It was a surprisingly high-scoring week given all the chaos that went on around the country. DHIWAG and eekanerd both turned in strong performances, as did newcomer dakota. For the staff, AOT, Cade and I all led the pack, with Ben, Grant, and Matt Mills right behind us with 13. This week's LVP was a newcomer by the name of uva first year, who only got points on 3 of 10 games and had a final score of 5. Better luck next time!

Here is the season's overall leaderboard, with a bit of a change at the top:

Username Total Score Username Total Score
kenneth bonner 81 south of the border 74
ITPatlien 81 Studastill 74
ClavinCliff 80 Joey Weaver 74
Stockbridge Mafia 78 GTJonny 73
Caplax 76 Gdheffley 73
Youngjacket 76 PeterInVA 72
CaliGT 76 dhbartlett 72
jabbajacket 76 Buddy Smiggins 72
LxUn1c0 76 YJacket82 72
edac46 76 nygooch 72
packerman 75 MagnaCarterGT 71
rarmijo3 75 millsGT49 71
eekanerd 75

Yes, it was a crucial mistake for thebugman10 this week -- after being tied for second through 5 weeks, he failed to submit picks this week and falls to 30th -- 15 points off the pace. Meanwhile, an impressive showing from ITPatlien moves him into a tie with co-leader kenneth bonner, whose 11 points were below average this week and allowed a couple of folks to close the gap.

Complete Week 6 standings (and overall standings through Week 6) can be found here: link.

Things happen, though, and lucky for you there's another set of picks below to redeem yourself if you need it. Get to picking, and good luck!

All selections due by kickoff of the Florida State-Syracuse game at 12ET on Saturday.