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Technical Tidbits 10/8

In which David Cutcliffe spews Megatron-related sacrilege.

David Cutcliffe, AKA Mr. Salty McSaltSalt
David Cutcliffe, AKA Mr. Salty McSaltSalt
Joel Auerbach

Duke head coach David Cutcliffe, who just so happens to be winless against the Yellow Jackets during his tenure with the Blue Devils, recently made some questionable comments directed at Paul Johnson's offensive scheme and recruiting abilities. While what he said was by no means inflammatory, it does raise the question of why the head coach of a school like Duke, which faces the same recruiting problems as Tech due to academics (but minus the offensive system, of course) would point out a struggle to recruit quality talent. To say that quality wide receivers don't want to come to Tech due to CPJ's offense is just silly, to be honest -- the Jackets already have a plethora of wideout talent in the upcoming 2015 class. As I said, the comment is really not out of line or anything, but it does make me appreciate how Paul Johnson keeps these thoughts to himself. No need to say dumb things about a team you can't beat.

Here is a fact to start your Wednesday morning: Georgia Tech is 5-0 since the game ball from Tech's famous 222-0 victory was reclaimed by a Tech fan and subsequently given to Georgia Tech to display. The ball, finally back in its rightful home, has so far and hopefully will continue to bring some good luck the way of our Jackets, which have honestly had anything but good luck in recent years. For now, however, let's just have a moment of appreciation for Mr. Schneider, who certainly deserves to go down in the record books under the category of "most dedicated fan" -- $40,338 later, he is still cheering on the Jackets.

One of the biggest knocks on former Tech quarterback Vad Lee was his inability to make good reads when running Paul Johnson's flexbone offense. It felt like every single play from last season ended up with Lee taking the snap, trying to keep the ball, and then getting stuffed immediately. That is just one of the reasons why some fans were excited to see Justin Thomas at the helm of the offense this season -- he had the potential to run the base offense much more effectively, and he has done just that so far in 2014. Every time Thomas carries the ball, you know that he only did so after thoroughly examining his other two options and deciding to keep rather than, you know, #yolo-ing it every time. For that reason, this season's rushing attack is looking like one of the most formidable we've seen under Paul Johnson, and it really has the potential to reach great heights under Thomas's command.

I'll leave you today with this amazing hype video, courtesy of Georgia Tech's own Derrick Moore. If that doesn't get you excited for the rest of the season, I don't know what will. Seriously, someone give this man a raise.

What are your thoughts on David Cutcliffe's comments?

Have a great Wednesday!