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Technical Tidbits 10/6

In which the Jackets finally crack the top 25.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since November 20, 2011, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are ranked in the AP Poll, coming in at No. 22 in the nation. The potential momentum that being ranked could bring to the program is absolutely huge, and the idea of becoming and staying a ranked team throughout the season is a very exciting possibility indeed. If the Jackets can keep up their current level of play, there is no real reason why they can't start the season at least 8-0 with wins over Duke, UNC, and Pitt -- winning those three games could see Tech rise very quickly up the rankings and quite possibly clinch the ACC Coastal. At any rate, what better way is there to celebrate Tech's rise in the polls than to see what teams we've left in the dust? Here are some of the notable programs which the Jackets outrank: Missouri, Stanford, Clemson, LSU, Wisconsin, South Carolina, and the entire ACC Coastal.

On the heels of their big win over the Maimi Hurricanes on Saturday, something special really could be brewing for the #22 Yellow Jackets this season as long as the defense holds up. We've heard a lot about how the defense needs to improve and about how they can't continue relying on turnovers, but for the immediate future they likely can. For the remainder of the season, Tech will face just three quarterbacks with any starting experience whatsoever (Hutson Mason, Jocoby Brissett, and Anthony Boone). If the Jackets can figure out how to get some more pressure on all of those young quarterbacks we will see in coming weeks, there should be plenty of turnovers to claim, just as we've seen against Michael Brewer and Brad Kaaya so far. The 2014 season could really be one of the most exciting in Georgia Tech history, and I can't wait to see where this team can go.

While medical assistants were tending to injured Hurricane Ufomba Kalamu in the closing minutes of Georgia Tech's win over Miami on Saturday, head coach Paul Johnson was busy deciding whether or not to go for it on a critical fourth-and-2 from inside the Miami ten yard line. When the injured player was off the field, CPJ and company ultimately decided to try for the first down, succeeding in the best way possible on a touchdown by Deon Hill. That play was likely what sealed the game for the Jackets, propelling them to a 5-0 start for the second time under Paul Johnson. That play was, in my opinion, the ultimate show of faith in quarterback Justin Thomas. Not only did Paul Johnson leave Thomas on the field in a short yardage situation with a more physical backup waiting on the sideline, but he allowed him to make the read which would win the game rather than calling a draw or other designed play. It was a special play and one which will surely be looked back on as a critical one for the season as a whole.

In the most recent round of postseason predictions, the Jackets are projected to go to the Belk Bowl to take on the Arkansas Razorbacks. The game, which features two middle-of-the-pack ACC and SEC teams, seems like it would be a bit of a letdown for Tech fans at this point -- there are more prestigious ACC tie-ins which seem more fitting for a Tech team that is currently undefeated.

What did we learn from Tech's win over Miami? What postseason projections do you have for the Jackets?

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