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Mailbag 10/6 Questions

After an exhilarating win on Saturday night, we're taking questions concerning the Georgia Tech football team and just about anything else.

That's his "not as pissed off as usual" face.
That's his "not as pissed off as usual" face.
Scott Cunningham

Everybody out there doing OK? Have you recovered from last night's wild comments-section rager yet? Yeah, me neither. It got crazy in there. Oh well. "No ragrets," as they say. Not even one.

Man. Fun win. Surely it's created some questions, be them positive or negative in nature. Either way, this is your forum to voice said questions and work towards some answers. It could involve talking about the rest of the conference schedule, updated predictions, recruiting, the basketball team, my drinking habits during the game, or just about anything else.

The floor is yours. What would you like to be discussed in this week's Mailbag feature?