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GT-Miami Halftime Report

Well, it could be a lot worse.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

While this half has not been completely awful, it hasn't exactly been terrific either. But the Jackets have taken a very athletic Miami team into halftime with the score tied at 14.

Miami was the first to score when, on their opening drive, Brad Kaaya completed a 21-yard pass to Braxton Berrios.

The Yellow Jackets didn't stay silent long, answering with a touchdown of their own in their opening drive. The 8-play, 4-and-a-half minute drive culminated in a Justin Thomas-rushing touchdown.

Thomas and the Jackets looked to be in a good position after forcing a three-and-out on Miami's next drive to get the ball back. After getting the ball back at their own 13-yard line, the Jackets maneuvered their way to the 43-yard line before being forced to give the ball right back to the Hurricanes.

On the ensuing possession, the Canes took up the rest of the first quarter in a scoring drive that ended with back-to-back runs of over 15 yards from Duke Johnson.

After getting the ball back, the Jackets would drive the ball right back down the length of the field, finishing the drive with a 6-yard rush by Tony Zenon.

The next drives by Miami and Tech looked like magic was working for the Jackets. As Miami was driving down the field, Isaiah Johnson managed to tip a Kaaya-pass before intercepting it. After getting pushed to a fourth-and-five, Ryan Rodwell came onto punt.  Instead of actually punting, Rodwell elected to run the ball right up the middle before getting absolutely slammed by the Miami D.

And then Tech got punched in the teeth. Miami forced another fourth down for Tech, but this time, they elected to actually punt the ball. Miami would take it and run out the clock.

The running game has been working really well for the Yellow Jackets, while the passing game has been pretty lackluster.

A huge factor that will affect the Canes in the second half is Tech's time of possession. Tech has held onto the ball for 20 minutes, 2 seconds. At this rate, Miami will be wiped out by the end of this game.

What do y'all think of the Jackets and Canes so far?