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Georgia Tech vs. Miami 2014: Gamethread

Alright everybody, LET'S GO!!!

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The time has come. We've gone two weeks without Georgia Tech football, and now it's back. A few important things to remember:

Wear White

We're whiting Miami out. In the game, hopefully the Yellow Jackets will a giant bottle of white-out and just dump it on Duh U to make them completely disappear.

There will be a Star Wars theme

Stormtrooper masks are being given out to most of the student section, a few of those will be selected to receive a stormtrooper helmet, and the band has decided to learn some new Star Wars themes. All of this being said, may the force be with you. Always.

We haven't beaten Duh U since CPJ's first season

There's a lot of similarities between the two games. They're both night games. They're both white outs. Will history repeat itself? The defense will have to stop Duke Johnson, in order to stop both the run and play-action game. It can be done, but it needs discipline and solid tackling.

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