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Georgia Tech Traditions: Homecoming 2014 Schedule

We'll take a break from the sports for a second to talk about other neat things happening this weekend.

Scott Cunningham

One of the cool things about being a Georgia Tech student is the massive amount of tradition held and appreciated by the school, the student body, and the alumni. Homecoming is a time when that tradition really comes out and shines. If you're going to be on campus this weekend and are looking to participate in some of these events, here's where you'll find a few of the major ones.

Mini 500

Though the students have been participating in different on-campus Homecoming events all week, the Mini 500 is the first of the "Big 3" Homecoming traditions, and the one that really kicks off the weekend. Come out and watch college kids try to awkwardly ride flimsy tricycles around campus!

Where: Peter's Parking Deck (North of Bobby Dodd Stadium)

When: Friday, 5:00pm

Freshman Cake Race

For those of us who have no regard for such things as "sleep", the Freshman Cake Race goes back to 1911 and has been held in tradition ever since. You can show up and spectate, if you want! Just make sure to bring your coffee (Irish coffee, preferably).

Where: Begins at McCamish Pavilion on Fowler Street

When: Saturday, 6:00am

Ramblin' Wreck Parade

Bringing out the best in engineers since 1929, the Wreck parade involves hot rods, hot takes, and hot messes. Yes, that means classic cars, floats, and contraptions. What's a contraption? Typically, it's a vehicle featuring indirect drive and a complete lack of personal safety. Ladies and gentlemen, start your tailgating!

Where: Fowler Street between 5th and 6th Street

When: Saturday, 8:00am