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Technical Tidbits 10/31

In which Tech's alumni in the NBA get back to work.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech will be missing both starting A-Back Charles Perkins and starting B-Back Zach Laskey for Saturday's Homecoming matchup against the Virginia Cavaliers. Laskey, who was injured during the loss to UNC, will be replaced by Synjyn Days, who had a great day against Pittsburgh despite just finalizing a position change back to A-Back the week before. While it is unclear who will replace Perkins this week, don't be surprised to see a lot of split carries between Tony Zenon, Deon Hill, and Broderick Snoddy. Those three will combine nicely to give Paul Johnson a lot of options in the run game. While both losses obviously hurt Tech's chances of winning, we are fortunate that there is so much offensive depth at running back. If this were the 2015 season and we were down a starting A and B-Back, the outlook of the coming game would be less than rosy.

In the first official preseason basketball poll, Georgia Tech was picked to finish thirteenth out of fifteen teams in the conference. In fact, the only two teams below the Jackets are Boston College and Virginia Tech, two teams which have been terrible with a capital "T" for a number of seasons now. If it makes you feel any better, remember that Tech's football team was projected to win just five games this season by some outlets -- that win total was surpassed just over halfway into the season. College basketball is near-impossible to predict, but I'd say that Tech has a good chance of making a splash if everything goes right from first tip.

With the NBA season having started just three days ago, Georgia Tech alumni are already at work with their respective teams as they vie for a Finals berth. Chris Bosh led the way for former Jackets with a 26/15 double-double in a Heat win over the Washington Wizards. The performance also seemed to remind everyone that Bosh was a little bit more than the average player which everyone claimed he was during the Lebron era in Miami. I guess those wonderful Heat fans are starting to understand that you can win games without a player nicknamed "King James"...

For the last link of the day, please enjoy this interview with Georgia Tech offensive lineman Shamire Devine, who has seen his role with the Jackets grow larger and larger as the season has progressed. His part in the offense, while it is hardly as big as the 6'-7" man himself, is an important one nonetheless and only figures to get more prominent as Tech's OL faces more and more wear-and-tear. Devine is one of the most exciting yet underrated players that Tech currently has on the roster -- he has been quietly waiting on the bench for his time to play a few snaps. I am even comfortable with predicting an All-ACC season for him at some point in his career.

Who needs to step up to replace injured Jackets this week? How will Shamire Devine's career play out?

Have a great weekend!