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GT-Pitt Superlatives Results

The votes have been tallied! There are some surprising results. And some not-so-surprising results.

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This week we received a total of 64 votes, up 23 from last week! Great job everyone. Voting in this contest is not only one of your rights as a citizen, it is also one of your duties. These are serious issues at hand.

I was actually surprised by a couple of the polls this week - and not surprised by others (thanks for ruining the game, DJ White).

Player of the Game (Offense)

With a total of 39 votes, Broderick Snoddy won this one in a landslide, and deservedly so. With three touchdowns on the day, Snoddy had one of the most dominant performances by an A-back in Paul Johnson's tenure as head coach at Georgia Tech. While his modest 82 yards don't necessarily stack up to legendary performances such as Roddy Jones's day in Athens in 2008 (214 yards, 2 TD) or Orwin Smith's romp vs Kansas in 2011 (157 yards and 1 TD rushing, 108 yards and 1 TD receiving), his latter two touchdown runs last weekend were two of the most impressive runs by an A-back in recent memory.

Offensive Play of the Game

Offensive Play of the Game (GTPITT)

This poll was, quite honestly, one of the more surprising results. With so many great plays on offense throughout the game, I thought the votes would be a little more distributed. Either way, there's no denying that Justin and Perkins made a great effort on their first-quarter, 79-yard touchdown reception. Perkins did a great job of catching the ball in the flat and turning it up field immediately, and didn't really need any blockers to burn the Pitt defense. Smelter sort of got in the way of a couple tackles, but I don't think anyone would have caught Perkins regardless. Feel better soon, Charles!

Player of the Game (Defense)

Defensive Player of the Game

Paul Davis eked out a close one over Isaiah Johnson, winning the vote 30-27. As a refresher of their stat lines, Isaiah had 14 tackles, one forced fumble, and one fumble recovery, while PJ had 6 tackles, a sack, 3 TFL for 10 yards, and two forced fumbles. Two dominant performances by two dominant players. Hopefully they keep up their hard-hitting ways for the rest of the season!

Defensive Play of the Game

Defensive Play of the Game GTPITT

Did anyone not see this coming? This isn't a knock on PJ, Demond, or Quayshawn at all - they all made game-changing plays. But D.J. White's 74-yard pursuit of Pitt RB James Conner that resulted in a strip on the two yard line and a touchback could very well go down in the books as play of the year for this defense. It was truly one of the best individual efforts I've ever seen by a Georgia Tech player. This is life-metaphor material. Something something, don't give up on your dreams, something something, you might just force a touchback. The takeaways here are 1) D.J. White is fast, and 2) D.J. White is good.

Bonus material: Ramblinwrecktube did a pretty good interview with D.J. White about his play of the game. Check it out below!

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Player of the Game on Offense: Broderick Snoddy

Offensive Play of the Game: Charles Perkins' 79-yard touchdown reception

Player of the Game on Defense: Paul Davis

Defensive Play of the Game: D.J. White's touchdown-saving forced fumble