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Technical Tidbits 10/3

In which we talk hypothetical Vad Lee scenarios.

Once upon a time...
Once upon a time...
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia Tech, which celebrated the 100th anniversary of Grant Field just last season, will keep the party train rolling as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of basketball on the Flats in 2014. The Jackets, who will be playing on a revamped court at McCamish Pavilion, will try to break Tech's long playoff drought and hopefully experience one of the more successful seasons in recent history (and ideally Brian Gregory's best season on the the Flats). With returning star Marcus Georges Hunt and a generally deeper roster than recent seasons, Tech very well could be looking at a big bounce-back season in 2014.

Sporting ATL recently published a wonderful interview with Yellow Jacket great Reggie Ball detailing his life and career as the starting quarterback at Georgia Tech. I really found it interesting that Ball, not unlike Joe Hamilton, chose Georgia Tech largely because the Jackets offered him a chance to play quarterback as opposed to some other position which he played in high school. Tech seems to have a lot of success with players like that. We are, after all, starting a guy at quarterback who at one point was destined to play defensive back at Alabama. At any rate, Reggie Ball seems like he would be a pleasure to interview -- there were plenty of LOLs to go around and I especially liked this quote from the end of the interview:

He will go down as one of Tech's best, if not the best when he is done. Mark my words.

Oh man do I hope he's right with that one.

Just in case you haven't heard, there is apparently some guy named LeBron James who is good at throwing balls at hoops or something. I'm not sure what that's all about, but he apparently went to Cleveland and left our very own Chris Bosh with the perfect opportunity to become the main man down in Miami. With an aging Dwayne Wade and very little other talent on the roster, Bosh finally has everything he needs to be more than just a complimentary piece to LBJ -- in fact, he can and will be the star of the franchise. Why Chris decided to stay in South Beach in the first place confused me deeply considering he was offered a lot of money to play in Houston where the fans actually know, like, anything about basketball. In fact, Bosh is to Miami fans what being tired is to everyone else; we choose to ignore it until we need to use it as a weak excuse for why we can't do something competently.

BWEEP, BWEEP, BWEEP! We have a Vad Lee sighting! As it turns out, the one-time Georgia Tech quarterback is not too great at passing or doing quarterback-ish things even when he is playing in an offense in which he is comfortable -- VL2 has thrown for just 650 yards through four games against FCS competition. His completion percentage is just a tick over 50% and the numbers he has put up so far don't seem to indicate a power-five return any time soon. I do, however, have an interesting food-for-though question about him...

Had Vad Lee stayed at Georgia Tech, would Justin Thomas have beaten him out for the starting job? What would Tech's record be with Lee at the helm this season?

Have a great weekend!