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Technical Tidbits 10/28

In which we learn about life from Bored High School Student.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

While it is hard to say whether or not Tech's victory over Pittsburgh was a win for the defense, it is more than safe to say that the matchup against the Panthers marked a career game for safety Isaiah Johnson, who took home ACC Defensive Back of the Week honors for his 14-tackle performance in the Steel City. This season has been an up and down one for the entire Georgia Tech secondary, but Isaiah Johnson (along with fellow veteran Jamal Golden among others) has been one guy who has been consistent all season long. This feat is especially impressive considering that he's coming off of surgery which caused him to miss all of 2013; no one was sure what to expect from the veteran safety this season. Congratulations to Isaiah Johnson!

As far as college basketball schedules are concerned, this season's Georgia Tech team could be in for a real challenge if everything doesn't go better than expected. It is hard to say that expectations for the 2014 Yellow Jackets -- likely a mix-and-match of transfers, returning players, and freshmen -- is very high, especially when you consider the amount of talent which was lost from last season. That said, if all goes well, the out of conference schedule for the Jackets could provide a huge RPI boost, which is always a plus for post-season consideration. Some of the biggest matchups on the slate include games against Northwestern, uga, Vanderbilt, Marquette, and possibly Michigan State. All of these games are, of course, mixed in with teams that I needed to research just to figure out what they were (looking at you, IPFW).

Just in case hearing about the new playoff format in college football from an adult is not doing it for you, be sure to check out this whole essay dedicated to the topic courtesy of some random high school student somewhere in the country. While you have technically (literally) been reading about the CFB playoff straight from the mouth of a clueless teenager every time your read something I've written, I just feel like this guy adds a new dimension to your... understanding? I guess we can call it that. At any rate, I proclaim the comments of this post Bastonfest 2014. You all have fun with that while I try to figure out if bringing a chainsaw to class will actually make me the genuine "raddest kid in school".

Some of my notes from the essay, just because I cannot resist:

-Archie Manning is not named RG Manning.

-Peyton Manning married Sean Payton and adopted Payton's last name as his new first name.

-The word playoff comes from the words "play" and "off".

And the quote of the day...

"There are no other ladies on the committee because one is enough."

Solid effort, my man.

This week's edition of #ProJackets features a number of great performances from former Tech athletes in the NFL. Jemea Thomas actually played a few snaps in his Rams debut while Daryl Smith did his best Isaiah Johnson impression, recording 13 tackles in a Ravens loss to Cincinatti. You know what, I can't lie. It is just too hard to follow up such an artfully crafted essay as was in the previous link. You win the day, Bored High School Student.

What were your favorite parts of the CFB Playoff essay?

Have a great Tuesday!