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Georgia Tech Football: Pittsburgh Halftime Report

Well, it's been an interesting half, as usual.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of the first half, Georgia Tech leads the Pitt Panthers by a score of 28-14.

For the first about five minutes of this game, I really though the Yellow Jackets were just gonna blow Pitt out of the water.

In each of Pitt's first five possessions, Pitt fumbled it. It was a pretty pitiful effort by the Panthers (pun fully intended). Broderick Snoddy ran the first touchdown in from four yards out after a three-play drive. The next drive, another three-play one, ended on a 79-yard pass from Justin Thomas to Charles Perkins. Thomas would also score the next touchdown, but this time on the ground from 14 yards out on the only play of that drive. Snoddy would score his second touchdown of the game in the next drive from 34 yards out.

And then, things started to go downhill. Both teams were held scoreless the rest of the first quarter. After going down in the first quarter, James Conner scored both of Pitt's second quarter TDs.

Things started looking up a little for Tech towards the end of the half. The defense had made a non-turnover related stop and was driving down the field. After failing to throw it into the endzone, Harrison Butker lined up to attempt a 38-yard kick. I'm just gonna leave this next tweet in to show how this went.

It is just so bizarre. Anyway, Tech will get the ball to begin the second half, so let's hope that CPJ can do some more "encouragement" and get his team to step back on the gas.