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From the Rumble Seat's Over/Unders - Pittsburgh 2014

Jackets fans are seemingly very nervous about the trip to Pittsburgh, given their team's two recent losses.

Grant Halverson

To paraphrase the words of a legendary philosopher and iconic innovator, "My schedule adherence is bad, and I should feel bad." (And I do.)

Yes, for a second straight week, I'm going to be promising to get you results from the last couple of weeks, it'll just have to happen next week. It's been a wild and stressful and eventful week, and I haven't made it a point to take care of my obligations to you. For that, I apologize. (But rest easy, as it will likely be a focal point of my performance review.)

Instead of looking back at last week (which nobody really wanted to do anyways), we look ahead to this weekend, where our team has another chance to get this crazy train back on the rails after a couple of losses. A win here puts the Jackets at 6-2, attaining Bowl eligibility and moving things in the right direction with matchups against Virginia and NC State looming.

Below are your over/unders for this weekend. Hopefully I didn't get too overly creative with them to the point that you stop understanding them. There is a bit of an odd one in there, but I think I explained it alright. If not, just say so in the comments and we can work out a more clear explanation. Good luck, and happy picking!

All selections are due by kickoff of the Georgia Tech-Pittsburgh game.