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Technical Tidbits 10/23

In which the UNC scandal escalates.

Grant Halverson

Even with baseball season coming up in just a few short months, Danny Hall and his fellow staff members still have no idea where the teams stands in terms of lineups, rotations, and roles for 2015. The Jackets were one of the youngest teams in the entire nation last season and still managed to win the ACC crown. If that doesn't get you excited then I don't really know what will. In fact, if all goes well then I can imagine Tech being a top ten team for the duration of the season -- the starting rotation promises to be very solid and the hitting should improve even more over last season. New additions such as Kel Johnson should add a lot of pop to what was a small-ball team a year ago, which will hopefully be enough to propel the Jackets to new heights. I'm as excited for this season as I ever have been for any season before -- it should be a good one.

One of the biggest questions facing Georgia Tech in advance of their road match-up with the Pittsburgh Panthers is whether or not they will be able to control Pitt's stud running back, James Connor. Connor is going to be hands down the most physical runner the Jackets face this season, maybe second only to Todd Gurley if he is, you know, eligible come Thanksgiving weekend. If recent history is any indication, the Jackets could be in some serious trouble. Tech has struggled tremendously in stopping big backs like Duke's Josh Sneed and Duke Johnson so far, and James Connor just may be the strongest of them all. Take a look at his freshman highlight reel below and you will see why the bad tackles have to stop for Georgia Tech. You can arm tackle him all you want, but he'll just carry you into the end zone.

What better time to remind you all of the atrocious UNC cheating scandal than right after a devastating loss to the Heels themselves? I for one cannot think of any, so please give this great breakdown of the whole situation a read. All UNCheat jokes aside, you have to be disappointed to hear that something like this is happening at all, but especially at a school which is held in such high regard like UNC. The saddest part, however, is that I can 100% guarantee you that similar things happen at dozens (if not all) DI schools across the country. In this age of bagmen and coverups, you can be sure that no one is playing by the rules as long as they know that they can get away with it. In the case of UNC, they likely will get away with it because it is totally reasonable to strip an ACC title over gifted clothes, but enrolling just under half of your student athletes in a garbage class will likely warrant nothing more than a slap on the wrist and the loss of one scholarship for a year or two. Way to come down hard in the right situations, NCAA. Oh well, I guess when you turn the other cheek on what goes on in Chapel Hill your gaze does focus right on Atlanta.

Seriously, the NCAA is possibly the most useless thing in history. There is no possible way that they can be so vigilant as to notice some trivial micro-infraction at one school and ignore the fact that another school is breaking one of the biggest rules in the back. That is called tunnel vision, and the NCAA is effected by a severe case of it which only allows them to see green.

Georgia Tech B-Back CJ Leggett may in fact be burning his red shirt in time for the Pittsburgh game, according to Paul Johnson. I still hate this decision if it does in fact happen -- we are seven games in and he would likely not even be the starter. Sure, the experience would be valuable for a guy who is expected to start at B-Back next season, but I don't think that backup duty in four or five games would warrant burning a red shirt, and with it a year of eligibility.

What are you most excited to see from the 2015 baseball team? Who needs to step up for the Jackets?

Before I go, I heard this quote today and immediately thought of pretty much all Georgia Tech fans, myself included. Stay positive, everyone!

"Depression presents itself in the guise of rational thought." -Anonymous

Have a great Thursday!