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From the Rumble Seat's Weekend Selections, Week 9

Only five ACC games this week means we're digging deep into the national slate of games.

Grant Halverson

First off, I'd like to apologize for the fiasco that was last week's Selections. I try not to make mistakes that impact all of you, but in this case I failed you. To make up for any issues resulting from my poor scheduling abilities, two things are happening. First, everyone who played is getting credit for the Virginia Tech-Pittsburgh game on Thursday night, as there were picks submitted Friday throughout the day that should not have had an advantage over those submitted before the game. Additionally, we'll drop each player's lowest score, meaning it's not a problem if you didn't get picks in for Week 8.

Well, now that we have that behind us, I owe you results for the last two weeks. Shall we?

Week 7
Username Total Score Username Total Score
badcock! 16 trombones(rule) 12
yellowman 16 JackAdamParker 12
fuzzybee86 15 DressHerInWhiteAndGold 12
yankeejacket 14 jgtengineer 12
LxUn1c0 14 Studastill 12
CaliGT 14 Boston jacket 12
bo_w 14 JohnHeisman 12
eekanerd 13 kenneth bonner 12
uva first year 13 bob saget 12
dpearson6 13 CPJapologist 12
aknartrebna 13 BSmed 12
MagnaCarterGT 13 SperryGodBrother 12
Ben.Tankersley 12 eekanerd 12
satrry 12 Gtsam97 12

A bad week for me (only 10 points), a good week for most of you. Your leaders for Week 7 were users yellowman and [NSFW], with a strong 16 points each. (I hope you're happy, yellowman, because you're also the only contestant who picked Duke to win.) Leading the staff was MagnaCarterGT with 13, followed closely by Ben with 12. LVPs of the week were RamblinGamblinEngineer and...Fear the Bees? Wait, before that, Fear the Bees was one of the top players in this contest. At his rate of production, he would've been tied for 7th right now. Oh well, this is an ACC Blog, I suppose. So a big #goacc to you, Fear the Bees. You and RamblinGamblinEngineer only had 6 points.

Week 8
Username Total Score Username Total Score
greg_t 16 Ben.Tankersley 13
Atlanta's Original Team 15 biggtfan 13
bo_w 15 Boston jacket 13
GTJonny 15 Buddy Smiggins 13
jabbajacket 15 dhbartlett 13
ClavinCliff 14 Fear the Bees 13
deemer2421 14 jerrlee 13
DressHerInWhiteAndGold 14 Joey Weaver 13
eekanerd 14 millsGT49 13
ForeverGold18 14 nygooch 13
gdheffley 14 thebugman10 13
ITPatlien 14 zetaman 13
joshjgt 14

Here you see the adjusted results from last weekend, for those who did play. (Again, if you didn't, no worries.) greg_t was your MVP, even though I'm guessing he really messed this up. How did he mess this up? By not putting down actual money, I'm guessing. Because if he had, he would've been correct straight up AND against the spread in 7 of 10 games. Oh well, so much for real money! Staff MVP this week was Atlanta's Original Team with 15, followed by Grant with 14. I came in at 13, especially bitter about the corrections made because I would've gained some ground off of a correct Pittsburgh pick. Oh, and hey Fear the Bees! Looks like your one week blemish was in true ACC spirit -- you were back in midseason form this week with a solid 13 as well. LVP of the week was GTsam97, who was looking for a lot of upsets but didn't find them, finishing with 7 points.

Season Leaderboard
Username Weeks Played Total Score Username Weeks Played Total Score
ITPatlien 8 105 Caplax 8 95
kenneth bonner 8 104 Studastill 8 95
ClavinCliff 8 102 MagnaCarterGT 8 95
CaliGT 8 102 rarmijo3 8 95
LxUn1c0 8 102 Buddy Smiggins 8 95
eekanerd 8 102 dhbartlett 8 94
jabbajacket 8 100 Atlanta's Original Team 7 94
Stockbridge Mafia 8 99 Ben.Tankersley 8 92
Joey Weaver 8 97 pulindian 8 92
GTJonny 8 97 DressHerInWhiteAndGold 7 92
Youngjacket 8 97 JohnHeisman 8 91
south of the border 8 96 PeterInVA 8 90
nygooch 8 96 thebugman10 7 90
edac46 8 96 Gdheffley 7 87
packerman 8 96 Tyler Duke 8 84

NEW LEADER ALERT: After a few rough weeks kenneth bonner, your leader for a majority of the season, has fallen into second place behind your new leader, ITPatlien. Just know though, ITPatlien, that though you may be inside a perimeter, your lead is not safe. You still have kenneth bonner hot on your tail, along with the cavalry of ClavinCliff, CaliGT, LxUn1c0, and eekanerd. The current staff leader is YOURS TRULY (although Atlanta's original team has me beaten on a points-per-week basis), and bringing up the rear are Matt Mills, Tyler Duke, and Grant Heffley.

See the complete Week 7, Week 8, and Season Leaderboard results here: link.

Now that all of that's out of the way, let's get to this weekend's selections. Get to picking, and good luck!