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Technical Tidbits 10/21

In which Demaryius Thomas propels Peyton Manning into the record books.

Justin Edmonds

Georgia Tech B-Back Zach Laskey, who was injured late in Tech's Saturday loss to UNC, was wearing a red jersey at Monday's practice, meaning that he was not an active participant. While this news can hardly be considered encouraging, it is a very good sign that Laskey was at practice in any form -- that tells us that immediate surgery was not required and keeps hope of a return alive. As far as backups go, the best Tech has right now is Matt Connors, who is by no means a slouch coming out of the backfield -- he will be more than capable of getting those tough yards that we are used to seeing Laskey rush for. The injury could also mean that Synjyn Days' transition back to A-Back could be a brief one; he moved from B-Back to A-Back following the Duke game. If Paul Johnson feels really desperate, the Jackets could also burn CJ Leggett's red shirt or move Broderick Snoddy back to the B-Back position, though neither seems likely.

This week's installment of Pro Jackets includes a devastating amount of injuries which have been sustained by former Yellow Jackets in the pros. Mario Butler remains on the IR, Calvin Johnson did not play, and Jeremiah Attaochu were all inactive for their respective NFL games (Attaochu is listed as active on the list but was actually inactive). It was a historic day for Demaryius Thomas, who has quickly re-established himself as a top wideout in the league following a slow start -- he recorded 8 catches for 171 yards and 2 touchdowns, the first of which was No. 510 from Peyton Manning, which set the NFL career passing touchdowns records.

The 2014 season could be a very interesting one for former Yellow Jacket Iman Shumpert, who is entering a do-or-die season with the New York Knicks. Shump's name has been thrown around in a number of trade discussions, most of which feature him as the main piece along with a big salary dump such as Amar'e Stoudemire in exchange for guys with similar contracts. No matter where Iman ends up this season, his hair will continue to set the bar for the rest of the NBA and, quite frankly, the rest of the world.

If you watched the ACC game of the year, Notre Dame versus Florida State, on Saturday, then you likely saw the controversial offensive pass interference call on Notre Dame which sealed an FSU win. Following a lot of criticism, the ACC has decided to come out with a statement explaining the call to us all despite the fact that it was obviously the correct call to make. Seriously, the only people with questions about this call are either Notre Dame fans or Purdue fans who are just mad that they are stuck watching feaux-football and hate everything.

Was the call in the Notre Dame game the right one? What should Tech do if the Laskey injury is serious?

Have a great Tuesday!