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Technical Tidbits 10/20

In which Tech looks to stop the bleeding.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Smelter's miracle touchdown run off of a reverse was a shining moment in what was a relatively hard-to-watch game for Tech fans. The play was perfectly executed and completely took the life out of the stadium up in Chapel Hill. However, as is the case with most things Tech-related, this play came at the absolute wrong time. Smelter crossed the goal-line with just over three minutes to go and UNC was able to score the game winning touchdown. While I don't want to take anything away from the play itself, it likely would have been better for Smelter to go down or get tackled short of the end zone. This would have allowed Tech to set up and run a few plays before scoring against a porous Tar Heel defense. That said, it is ridiculous that we should even have to talk about giving up a wide open touchdown in order to win a game. The fact that our defense was that jaw-droppingly awful speaks volumes about this team.

My, the difference that two weeks can make. Just over fourteen days ago, I was writing about No. 21 Georgia Tech, who stood alone atop the ACC Coastal at 5-0, and their possible playoff aspirations. Today, however, I am writing about unranked, 5-2 Georgia Tech which is coming off of two huge losses and has fallen into the lower half of the conference power rankings. The Jackets dropped from sixth to ninth in the rankings, behind four teams with a worse record than themselves, which include Miami and Boston College which both stand at 1-2 in the ACC. Football is all about what you've done for me lately, and Tech has done nothing but prove naysayers right. Now that Tech sits firmly in the middle of the pack within the Coastal, the question for Tech fans is whether or not it is time to push the panic button. My answer to this question is a simple no. While the defense has been atrocious against spread-type offenses, they have been at least serviceable against most other teams. If Ted Roof can find a away to crank up the pressure just a little bit, the turnovers will return and the defense may be able to hold up for a while. As far as the ACC Coastal race goes, a Duke loss would mean that it's still wide open. The Devils already have a conference loss to Miami and there are still five ACC games left on their schedule. While right now is not the time for all-out panic, recent events have made the upcoming Pitt game a must-win. If Tech loses that, then the panic button needs to be smashed with a sledge hammer.

That latest AP Poll are out and the SEC has twice as many teams in the top five as the ACC does in the entire poll. Florida State and Clemson, the lone two representatives from the ACC, could be joined by Duke if the Devils get a win next week, but that appears to be it for the conference in terms of prospective top-tier teams. I cannot believe that Texas A&M is still getting a vote despite getting throttled 59-0 by Alabama and sitting at 5-3 on the season. That is flat out stupid.

Is it time to push the panic button?

Have a great Monday!