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Georgia Tech Football: 3 Things to Watch For Against Miami

After a bye week, the Yellow Jackets return home to face divisional foe Duh U.

Michael Shroyer

Man, I missed football last weekend, but at the same time, it was also pretty relaxing not to have to do anything. Glad to be back though. This week's opponent, as all of you know, is the team from South Beach. Now, let's take a look at three things we need to watch for in Saturday night's game.

1. Brad Kaaya

The true freshman QB, Brad Kaaya, has done pretty well for himself. He's completed over 60% of his passes, throwing for 1275 yards and 12 touchdowns. His biggest game that has stood out, so far, is his game against Arkansas St. where he threw the ball 342 yards and four touchdowns, completing two-thirds of his passes along the way. But since he played a nearly equally impressive game against Nebraska, I'm going to look at that one instead.

Kaaya threw the ball a whopping 42 times, completing 28 of those passes, for 359 yards and three touchdowns. Kaaya has the ability to be a really good QB, and if GT wants to win this game, they'll have to treat him as a serious threat. I foresee Ted Roof bringing Quayshawn Nealy in on a few blitzes early to try and rattle Kaaya, which should hopefully work with the injury issues Miami's O-line has been experiencing.

2. Charles Perkins III

Charles Perkins has been AWESOME this year! He hasn't had a huge season rushing the ball (only nine carries for 111 yards), but his blocking on the perimeter have earned him a starting job at the A-back position. With Synjyn Days getting playing time at B-back, there is a void left in the blocking A-back spot, a spot that Charles Perkins fits into very well.

He was severely missed last week as both a blocker and as a rusher. You don't need some uber-certified person to tell you that our A-backs did not play well and our perimeter blocking was absolute crap. It was painfully obvious. With Perkins coming back this week, both of these areas should most definitely improve. Hopefully he and Smelter will give an unnamed Miami defensive player (whose name happens to rhyme with Shenzel Sherryman) a couple of really good blocks.

3. What's defense?

But seriously, though, who wants to play defense anymore? The offenses for both of these teams are formidable and will be able to get yards. This game will come down to whoever can make a stop. Denzel Perryman leads a very athletic Miami defense, but Georgia Tech's defense has definitely had its moments in the spotlight. One thing that will definitely be key to watch here is the match-up between our WRs and the Miami DBs. Our WRs do outsize their DBs, but it will definitely be something to keep an eye on.

What else do we need to keep an eye on?