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POSTGAME THREAD: Georgia Tech Loses to UNC 48-43, Everything is the Worst

ACC play started by winning two games we hadn't won in half a decade. It continued by losing two games it hadn't lost in half a decade.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

That 5-0 start had you going, didn't it?

Georgia Tech looked good. It had squeaked by some weaker teams, but seemed more solid against Virginia Tech and Miami.

They were ranked. It was great. They were in position to go 10-0.

The teams coming up? They went 15-1 against their next 4 opponents over the last 5 seasons.

Those days are long gone. Two games into those next 5 games, the Jackets are 0-2. The magic of the offense has faded.

Or has it? Georgia Tech scored 43 points against North Carolina tonight and lost. Is it really the fault of the Yellow Jacket offense?

Then again, the defense gave up 48 points and 579 yards, and allowed 7 touchdowns to only 4 stops tonight.

How are you feeling? Where is this team at? Does it finish 8-4? Does it finish 5-7? How about 10-2?

Man, rough game. Let's talk about it.