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From the Rumble Seat's Weekend Selections, Week 8

Welcome back to Weekend Selections where YOU GOTTA GET THIS DONE RIGHT NOW.

CPJ looking at me right now, probably.
CPJ looking at me right now, probably.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Alright, so, it's been a weird week. Lots of work and all sorts of goofy stuff going on. It felt yesterday as if something was missing, but I had no idea what.

Then I was standing in the shower this morning and had an epiphany -- as if there's anywhere else that would happen.


-Me, This Morning

Yes, I forgot your Weekend Selections for this week yesterday, and for that I am eternally sorry. The reason that this is so bad being that we have a game on the docket TONIGHT. Yes, the first time I completely forgot to get these up, the deadline is about 36 hours short of where it normally is. So, as of this posting, you have NINE HOURS to get your picks in. So get to it!

All picks due by kickoff of the Virginia Tech-Pittsburgh game TONIGHT AT 7:30ET!