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Technical Tidbits 10/16

In which we see the softer side of Iman Shumpert.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The possibility of reviving Georgia Tech's once-prominent series with the Auburn Tigers has always been an interesting topic when the conversation turns to Tech's out of conference opponents. In a recent segment on the SEC Network, former Tigers head coach Gene Chizik revealed that the two schools were actually very close to reviving the age-old rivalry in the 21st century, that is until Chizik vetoed the idea. Citing that Paul Johnson's offense is too hard to emulate in practice, the former coach shot down the idea just as quickly as it had been brought to him. This illustrates what has become somewhat of a trend for the Jackets during the Paul Johnson era -- the only teams which will give Tech a shot are those which are either desperate to schedule quality competition (BYU) or are getting paid the big bucks to pay a visit to Atlanta.

Georgia Tech star Marcus Georges-Hunt could be on the verge of a breakout season in 2014, perhaps even one worthy of an All-ACC selection. Georges-Hunt will be the lone man remaining in terms of scoring from last season following the losses of Robert Carter, Trae Golden, and Daniel Miller among others, and appears ready to step up and make 2014 his biggest season so far as a Jacket. I feel confident in saying that he is by far the most versatile player on Tech's roster this season, able to score in just about every way, and an increase in touches could absolutely lead to a monster season for Marcus Georges-Hunt.

This great story surrounding former Florida State walk-on David Tyrrell, who quit the football team to pursue a career as a fireman in his hometown, is absolutely worth a read. His story is a very interesting one to say the least, from catching Jameis Winston's first ever touchdown pass in the spring game to dropping off the radar for a while and turning up three months later.

Former Georgia Tech guard Iman Shumpert may need to consider leaving the NBA in order to pursue a career as either an actor or a middle-aged housewife. The current New York Knick made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, along with fellow giant people Blake Griffin, Chandler Parsons, and Matt Barnes, in order to attend a lovely book club meeting at Griffin's house. The whole thing seems to have gone swimmingly, with each member of the club sharing their deep understanding of "The Best of Me" by Nicholas Sparks. In fact, the only suggestion I have would be to let that high top out from under the hat next time. Who else wept?

Shump did.

What are your thoughts on Georgia Tech's struggle to find quality out of conference opponents?

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