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Technical Tidbits 10/10

In which Todd Gurley's dwag career comes to a screeching halt.

Mike Zarrilli

The news of the day yesterday was obviously the indefinite suspension of star uga running back Todd Gurley for supposedly selling autographed memorabilia to fans. Uh oh, here comes something I feel strongly about. I apologize in advance for the following rant/essay...

I'm going to start off by saying that as much as I despise the dwags, I was utterly disappointed to hear that Gurley had made such a stupid mistake. The only reason I bother watching uga football is to have the chance to see a player as great as Gurley take handoffs, especially when he appeared to be a person of such high character. We actually had this conversation here on FTRS a while back; Todd Gurley had never done anything to make anyone, including Tech fans, dislike him in any way. In fact, the general consensus was that most people liked him a lot as a person. We give uga a lot of crap for fielding a team of thugs, but I really can't consider Gurley to fall into this category even after what he's been caught doing. In fact, I will be pretty disappointed if I read the comments of this post and see a lot of "haha, what did we expect from a dwag?" type of material. You can't tell me that this isn't something that a whole lot of players do regularly. On Ebay, I can find 258 items signed by Todd Gurley. For Jameis Winston, the same number of items appear. Now, compare that to just 39 for Marcus Mariota, 17 for Brett Hundley, 31 for Melvin Gordon, 24 for Taysom Hill, 70 for Amari Cooper, and 19 for Dak Prescott. Interpret that how you want to, but it seems to suggest something big to me.

Just to be clear, I am not trying to defend Gurley or what he did at all. He obviously broke the rules and deserves to be punished accordingly, but the situation is just worth thinking about. The last thing I will say on the matter is that if Gurley somehow manages to get off easy from this with some BS punishment, I will be pretty mad. Tech is still minus an ACC Championship because of stuff more frivolous than that. You can check out the email sent by an anonymous Georgian right here.

If you are a betting man (or woman), then you may want to take a look at these odds for the remainder of Georgia Tech's schedule, courtesy of a professional oddsmaker. The only one I really don't agree at all with is the line for the game at Pitt. I'm not sure why Tech should be an underdog to a team which lost at home to the Akron Zips, a team which is one step up from the FCS. The Panthers are also riding a three-game losing streak, which very well could continue into the Tech game with a loss versus the Hokies next weekend.

With fall break overlapping with Tech's major matchup with the Duke Blue Devils this Saturday, I sincerely urge all Tech students reading this post to check out this list of ten reasons why you should delay your plans for football. If Tech wins this game, then the ACC Coastal would largely be theirs to lose; it would propel the Jackets to 3-0 in the division with wins over the three front-runners in the Coastal. Please, please, PLEASE fill Bobby Dodd Stadium. Kickoff is at 12:30.

What do you think about the Todd Gurley situation?

Have a great weekend!